Aug. 13th, 2007

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I'm going to kill something.

I am really going to kill something.

I have no fucking idea whether or not I'll be getting a C in Calc. Not a clue. Unless I miraculously pulled off an A on the midterm, I highly doubt I got a C. And yeah, I still don't know what I got on the midterm that I took LAST MONDAY. Why not? Because she hasn't returned it yet. WHAT. THE. FUCK? Seriously, there is no need for this bullshit. I fucking called her when I finished the exam on Monday, and I emailed her on Thursday, so she fucking knows I took it, and knew I was coming in today to take the final. There is no fucking reason NOT to have it corrected and returned at this point.

I'm shaking right now, and I don't know all the reasons why. I was shaking going into the exam because I was nervous. Started shaking out of anger when I saw the exam, because of the sheer stupidity of it and the fact that the exams and tests are nothing alike, and because I hate this woman, and I think this is going to turn out to be the biggest waste of $550 ever, and it's going to ruin my life. I can't even be excited about going back to VCU anymore, because going back means I can't pretend this never happened, and it's going to be a huge headache to attempt to get an override into a Calc I class there or to find another open class I can take. Who knows, maybe I will wind up taking Spanish 1.

Bah, thought I posted this half an hour ago.

Well. All the Spanish 101 classes are full. There are, however, 3 French classes I could take if I need to drop math and can't get into a new one. Ahaha, German 101 is open as well, and 4 credits. That would be freaking sweet.

But whatever. Positive thinking, right? I won't be able to take any of the above classes because I won't be dropping Calc II.

Edit: What the hell? I can't find my damn course planning sheet thing. Where the hell would I have put it?
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wtf. Srsly. Fox 11, whereever it's based out of, needs to find better stories. First they go after some chan, now Maple Story? Yeesh.

However, I REALLY like the girl's hair in this clip.


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