Aug. 19th, 2007

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I swear I have a paranoia/guilt complex of some kind. I always feel like people are going to hate me forever if I do something to disappoint them.

Allison's having a birthday dinner tonight and I told her I'd love to go. Which I would. But I forgot we have a floor meeting soon after, and I don't want to go to dinner and be rushing things by constantly watching the clock to be sure I can get back on time and thereby make it awkward. Okay, so maybe texting her about it wasn't the best way to go, but she replied immediately with "Ok..." and now I'm thinking "omg she hates me!! Dx" I'm sure that in these situations I'm giving myself far too much importance in people's lives and I'm really not ruining their lives forever, but bah. BAHHH.

Off to lunch with Molly, yay.
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Ah, fuck. I just looked up my math teacher on

"I have always breezed by all Math courses with an A. This man makes problems so hard its just not neccessary. Cannot practice from the book because those problems are much easier."

"Lets just say I was turned off by several things:he's a smelly redneck, dresses badly, gives incredibly hard problems for homework. Tests are even harder.This course with Cardwell is harder than the honors section of the course.Its pretty ridiculous!"

"Everything is examples and he goes through them as if it is review. His homework is challenging and his tests definitely aren't easy. He does give a rather large curve at the end of the semester however. I got an A but I worked HARD- the only class that ever made me cry."

"He is very dry. He's as dead as the paper in the book. He stick to examples and and the tests looks completely different than what is in the book."

"This class made me cry too. Definitely possible to succeed if you work your bum off. Not the best instructor alive."

Fuck. Just my freaking luck.


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