Aug. 26th, 2007

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zomg, I may have just had the best idea ever.

My fucking math book has yet to come, so if I absolutely have to, I can to go Virginia Book Company and buy one instead. And then if the fucking book magically comes this week, I can maybe
"return" it to VBC?

Oh boo, drawback to that plan is that the book is being shipped to my house. Meh, I'll just relist it on then.

Just kidding.
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Life mocks me.

All day it looked like it was going to storm. ALL DAY. And it didn't. So when we left for the Commons and it wasn't raining I was like "ooh yay." We get down to the lobby and it was POURING. What the hell, Richmond? What the hell? So we got to the Commons DRENCHED. Because umbrellas are pretty much useless here. Anyway, I was lucky that I'd brought my sweatshirt in case the Commons got cold; I'd stuffed it in my bag so it was mostly dry, so I had to tear off my shirt and put that on instead. Awkward? xP My shirt did that thing again where the top half of it got wet and the below-boob-level part was mostly dry. Amusing.

So, I am going to force myself to go to bed at midnight. Tonight and hopefully in the future. That means by the time I post this I'll have an hour and a half, approximately, to get stuff done. And boy, do I need to get stuff done. My to-do list for tonight/tomorrow is packed with small things, and to add to that? I need to figure out how to write up a resume. Becauses the place Krissy works at is hiring, and she's the one in charge of the hiring. And this job? Is make your own hours. Which is amazing. I need to do this wright. And it's only like, seven blocks from WG. Ish. Meaning less than a ten minute walk. So when it gets dark early? I can run home freaking fast.

And now I'm getting excited, like I always do when faced with a job opportunity. But omg this would so be amazing. She mentioned that it was like, cutting things and laminating and whatnot, so maybe working at AC Moore will be a plus, despite the fact that I never did any of that? >>


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