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Ugh. UGH. I am ded.

NSCS Induction today was kind of a waste of time. Poorly organized. But I am critical anyway.

Downloaded a free audio editing program. Whee. Now I can edit songs for customized ringtones, yay! Then all I have to do is find a way to get it texted to my phone. Kekeke. Yay for Phil and Jet and Andrew clueing me in to the wonders of technology.

Found a roll of quarters today that I thought had been lost. Freaking win. Now I can do five more loads of laundry lol.

Went to Financial Aid today and talked at the most useless woman in the world. Loan still hasn't been approved and she gave me the "What the hell do you want me to do about it?" look before pretty much dismissing me. Was only slightly pissed off over that. Got a few other things done that needed to be done though, which is an accomplishment.

Am a little bit caught up with homework. Caught up as in, Orgo homework that's due Tuesday is done except for one problem, and Physics homework due NEXT Sunday is half done. Am also a little fucked because there's a Physics test Monday (which shouldn't be TOO hard, because it's all algebra based), Orgo quiz of death on Tuesday, and take home half of a math test due Monday with the in class half the same day. And hey, this is all in the same week. And I haven't done a lot of the "suggested" homework or reading for any of these classes. Which means I'm going to be fucking busy this week(end). AND PSP rush events are all freaking week, and mandatory, which means I'm not going to have a lot of time on my hands. u_u

Am going to do homework now, despite it being nearly 11pm on a Friday night. Because shit needs to get done, and Michelle wants to go to Carytown tomorrow. It's like Harvard Square in that it's a cool place to hang out, but there's nothing to do. Oh wells, hanging out is fun.
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I was planning on spending the weekend doing homework, then studying for my Physics test and Orgo quiz sometime Sunday.

And then I realized, PSP has already claimed pretty much my entire Sunday.

Mandatory event 1045a-2p.
Other thing I'm hoping gets cancelled 530-630ish.
(Honors College event thing 630-730ish)
PSP Business Mtg 8-god knows when.

EW. Because in those spaces, food needs to be acquired. Well, Shafer won't open til 1030, so I'll need time to wake up, shower, and eat breakfast here before leaving. Then we'll probably do lunch when we get back. Then- ooh. Maybe there'll be food at the HC thing. That would be nice instead of standing in line at the Commons.

But seriously? If I don't wake up at an ungodly hour, I'll have like 4 hours to myself all day, followed by very few after the meeting/before bed. YUCK.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not going to the party. But hell, that means I need to get work done tomorrow. Which sucks as well.

EDIT: Whee, 5 more classes of Political Christianity. That will free up some time for 5 weeks before Cyborg Babies starts... yuckkkk. I wish it weren't last session again.
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Ugggggh I am ded. There's been a disease (read: cold like thing) circulating among my friends, and I totally got it out of the blue. Spent two hours outside the Commons yesterday trying to recruit people for PSP, got sunburned, came back, had headache of doom. Now I'm all stuffed up and exhausted for no reason. No class today until 4, so I totally could have slept all day, but I'd signed up to work the PSP table in the Commons again from 10-2, and didn't realize we'd have more than enough people. And was too dead to walk back here, change into PJs again, and set an alarm for class. >> I just made Lipton soup stuff in the microwave, and it came out the consistency of Easy Mac. Uhhh...

I am so glad I finished today's homework over the weekend. SO GLAD. And I figured out what I'm going to write for the final paper, too! So all I have to do is wait til the end of the class after we've goen over everything, then bang out the paper in no time. (I say that now...)

I wish my soup would cool down. I want to eat it so I can get to the Financial Aid office before class, but I don't see that happening. My loan has STILL not gone through. I also haven't gotten my scholarhip check yet, which Mom mailed last week. Urk. Yuck, it tastes super salty. It's like ramen with midget noodles. I wonder if I cooked it wrong?

Okay, so four hours later, I didn't make it to financial aid and I still feel just as gross as I did earlier. Except now I am also wet because I just took a shower and my hair is soaking my shirt, yay. Argh, I'm pretty sure I was sick this time last year too. Whee. I wish I could skip classes tomorrow, but I can't miss Physics because of the clicker/quiz questions. :( And we'll be reviewing for the first test, which is on Monday. Eww.

Really glad tomorrow's Friday. Class 10-1150 and I'm done. Tomorrow night is inductions for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, which I'm not particularly looking forward to but already RSVPed. There's a party Saturday night that I was going to go to, but now I think I'm just going to sleep. Sleeeeeep is good.


Sep. 2nd, 2007 10:10 pm
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One of my friends is having a 21st birthday party in October and you have to go dressed as someone from the 90s. GIVE ME IDEAS. PLEASE.



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Ahahaha. College is amazing. Yesterday I was listening to random musicals on Maria's iPod, and I found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So I'm listening to it on shuffle, and the lullaby song comes on, and I'm like "wtf? on wait, this is the show version. HOLY CRAP IT'S MICHAEL BALL!!" (Marius from Les Mis). I was wondering why it sounded familiar and really really good. Now I need to add this to my list of CDs to find. I never knew it was an actual show. o___o Wheee.

And so Michelle comes in earlier to tell me that she was looking at the TV Guide and what's on ABC family at 4? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the movie. Which I LOVED when I was little. zomg. You have no idea how happy I am. The little kids are so cute. I love them.

And now I am sad at the same time. The Sound of Music is on at 7, but I won't be able to watch it all! ;o; An alum from VCU/PSP is going to be back in town, so a zillion of us are going to dinner because he wanted to meet the brothers. I'm sure it will be fun, but oh I'm so saaaaad... I want to watch the Sound of Music!! ;___;

This just confirms my need of a job. Because I want to buy movies online. Seriously? I found My Fair Lady for FIFTEEN DOLLARS on Half.com. When it's supposed to be like, $40. I forget what else I looked up, but it was another older movie that I used to watch on VHS, for rly cheap on DVD. I think maybe it actually was The Sound of Music... I can has work nao plz?

edit: I am retardedly happy about this movie being on right now, you have no idea. However, maybe it's just because I've been spoiled by other people, but I really don't like Dick Van Dyke's voice. He doesn't really sound like he's singing so much as talking in time with the music. ;-; I am picky and retarded, but whatever.
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Lawlz, 6 of my 13 icons are Yu-Gi-Oh! related at the moment. That's sad. (For the record, I didn't make this one. I found it somewhere on the internets.)

So I hate those of you who haven't started class yet. I'm already swamped with homework and it is fail. My calendar is also full of PSP stuff. Aaaaand I'm still praying for a job. Sent Krissy my resume/etc last week and she's going to give it to her boss on Tuesday when he gets back from vacation. Keep your fingers crossed for me plz.

Honestly? I don't know that this semester is going to be as bad as I expected. So far Physics is just a lot of math. Algebra, really. Which I can totally do. Calculus is kinda going to suck, but my book should finally be getting here this week, which means I can actually do problems (and read the book, since my teacher does, in fact, suck) and gauge where I am. I know I definitely need to review trig functions, ew. [Funny story about my book: I ordered it on 8/4. 8/24 it still hasn't arrived, and Half.com finally lets me contact the person about it. Three days later (only a few hours before I can file an official complaint) I get an email back saying "omg I just got back from vacation and got the notification. I'm sorry!" ...wtf. Srsly. WTF. If you're going on vacation for three weeks, don't list your shit. So I got a refund, and for $4 more, I'm getting the text and solutions manual from someone else. I guess that works, ne?]

Political Christianity is interesting, but it's a lot of the guy just talking at us, which makes me a little sad. He's funny though, so it works. It's weird, learning about other sides (mostly political) to the stuff I was force-fed in grade school. That does make it easier for me to write the 200-word responses to the readings though. One of which I told myself I would write tonight, until I got distracted by talking to Stacey and Maria. Whatever, I'll to it tomorrow. >> It's not even due til Thursday.

Orgo lab is going to be interesting. Three lab reports and a research paper. And we have to write our own procedures. >< Yay honors section. Orgo class? Is... yeah. We only have it Tuesday nights 7-9:50, which means we cover AT LEAST one entire chapter per class. Got to get working on studying that. u__u But Jet and Mary Beth and one of their friends are in the same class, which means we're doing homework together and studying together and such. Woot for that.

My schedule pretty much rocks. Minus the having Calc 4 times a week for 50 minutes, because that can't be avoided unless I want it twice a week for an hour and a half. ICKKK. For only three more weeks, I have one class on Thursday, from 4-515. After that my Thursdays are free. I'd rather Friday off, but whatever. A day off is a day off, and Friday I only have class from 10-1150.

Found out that a freshman on our floor is the son of the Forensic Science department chair. WHOA. He also happens to be Mary Beth's mentee. And actually invited us to Shafer with his dad last night. That was awkward like whoa, but also cool.

This is me not going to bed by midnight as I'd planned. But it's okay, because I only woke up a little more than 12 hours ago. >> That was an accident. I need to get batteries for my cool alarm clock, because the one I'm using now is loud and obnoxious and I don't want to wake other people up with it. Even though Michelle is always gone to class by the time I get up. >> But if I'm going to start getting up early and being productive, I'll need the alarm clock.

What the fuck is with people screaming at each other and beeping outside? Jesus.

I need to have my mommy send me my YGO DVDs. I forgot to bring them with me. I've decided to skip the rest of Duelist Kingdom, since it's boring and retarded and I know what happens. I may watch the duel where Kaiba threatens to kill himself though. And maybe Yugi vs Joey. But not the rest of the crap.

I'm totally ADD right now. I should be writing my silly little paper, or sleeping, but eh, whatever. There are a handful of things I intend to write longer posts about, but those will come when I'm coherent and have the time to waste writing.

Note to self: finish paper early in the morning before people have a chance to ask whether or not it's done. >>"
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So, to clarify:

In July I had jury duty for the state of Massachusetts.

I just got called for Federal Grand Jury. Which, really, would be amazing to do, at least for a while. Because you do it one day a week for 12-18 months. So it would get old.

But um... I'm not commuting back and forth from Richmond to Boston once a week. Fuck that shit.

So I have to fill out the response from and send them a letter "detailing the reasons for the request" to be excused for undue hardship. Um... yeah. So there's no reason I shouldn't be able to get out of it. But I'm paranoid anyway and I asked the associate dean of the Honors College to write a note as well. Because... yeah. Not taking any chances, kthx. Didn't think I'd have to go last time either, and wound up wasting 6 hours that day.

The reason I got called again: Federal jury duty doesn't care if you've served for the state unless it was more than five days. Massachusetts can't call me for another three years, but these guys are like "lol no." Not sure how long it will be til they can call me again after this.

But really... let's wait til I'm living in MA full time again, kay?

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Either I didn't pay as much attention to the last chapter of Calc as I should have over the summer, or I'm royally fucked. CourseCompass sucks, I know that, but I'm having a bitch of a time with this. Rawrgh.
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Dear God,

Please, please make people stop summoning me for jury duty.

It's getting kind of old.

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Life mocks me.

All day it looked like it was going to storm. ALL DAY. And it didn't. So when we left for the Commons and it wasn't raining I was like "ooh yay." We get down to the lobby and it was POURING. What the hell, Richmond? What the hell? So we got to the Commons DRENCHED. Because umbrellas are pretty much useless here. Anyway, I was lucky that I'd brought my sweatshirt in case the Commons got cold; I'd stuffed it in my bag so it was mostly dry, so I had to tear off my shirt and put that on instead. Awkward? xP My shirt did that thing again where the top half of it got wet and the below-boob-level part was mostly dry. Amusing.

So, I am going to force myself to go to bed at midnight. Tonight and hopefully in the future. That means by the time I post this I'll have an hour and a half, approximately, to get stuff done. And boy, do I need to get stuff done. My to-do list for tonight/tomorrow is packed with small things, and to add to that? I need to figure out how to write up a resume. Becauses the place Krissy works at is hiring, and she's the one in charge of the hiring. And this job? Is make your own hours. Which is amazing. I need to do this wright. And it's only like, seven blocks from WG. Ish. Meaning less than a ten minute walk. So when it gets dark early? I can run home freaking fast.

And now I'm getting excited, like I always do when faced with a job opportunity. But omg this would so be amazing. She mentioned that it was like, cutting things and laminating and whatnot, so maybe working at AC Moore will be a plus, despite the fact that I never did any of that? >>
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zomg, I may have just had the best idea ever.

My fucking math book has yet to come, so if I absolutely have to, I can to go Virginia Book Company and buy one instead. And then if the fucking book magically comes this week, I can maybe
"return" it to VBC?

Oh boo, drawback to that plan is that the book is being shipped to my house. Meh, I'll just relist it on half.com then.

Just kidding.
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So I suck hardcore. Somehow I was unable to find the second edition of my Physics book ridiculously cheap on either Amazon or Half.com, so I went and paid $30 for it. Today I look just for the hell of it, and there are zillions of them for $5. Wtf.

I'm thinking now is the time to get one of those Courses apps on Facebook, and message everyone in this class to tell them they want to buy my book for $30. >>

Edit: Boooo. Most classes on Blackboard allow you to email all of the people in your class, but my Physics prof seems to have disabled it. BOOOOO.
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So school food got worse in the few months I haven't been here. What the hell?

What the hell at the Career Center, too. There were three girls in there for over an hour, and I don't even think they were looking at the stuff sitting in front of them (which happened to be what i wanted to see). Yesterday I saw a flyer looking for like, an office assistant in the Chem department, which I immediately got excited about. Then I realized, I think that's what Allison's doing right now. Damn.

...Five hours later, I come back to write this. So anyway, I was talking to Jet at dinner and she said you're not allowed to work in a department you're majoring in, so at some point I would probably have to scrap the aforementioned job if by some miracle I got it. So... eh.

I am so not looking forward to this whole school thing. Political Christianity seems cool enough. 100-300 word paper each class, and a 1200-1500 word paper at the end. Not too bad. I'm freaking retarded and checked the wrong website for the book though, so whatever. >> Need to get those now. Boo. Booo.

I really need to get my ass organized this semester. Really. D: This is going to be a hard year and I can't afford to screw up. Yay, no pressure.

That said, I'm going downstairs to print stuff. Whee.
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So the barbeque yesterday went pretty well. Shit got screwed up but people had fun and that was all that mattered, I guess.

Classes start today. Rawrgh. I still have three hours til my first class. Wtf. There are a million things I could be doing right now too, but I'm waiting for a phone call from a kid I'm supposed to be buying a textbook from. So I really can't go out and do crap. I mean I can, because he'll be calling me when he's on campus anyway, but it's just annoying because I feel rushed like I can't do anything anyway.

Yay, I scheduled an appointment to give blood next Wednesday. I's excited. And Jet's coming too. Whee. WHEE. Hopefully it fucking works this time.

Okay, I'm going to suck it up and go pretend to do things. Definitely hit the Career Center. Here we go.
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Haha, win.

Mary Beth: "I would use sepia tones."
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Ah, fuck. I just looked up my math teacher on ratemyprofessor.com...

"I have always breezed by all Math courses with an A. This man makes problems so hard its just not neccessary. Cannot practice from the book because those problems are much easier."

"Lets just say I was turned off by several things:he's a smelly redneck, dresses badly, gives incredibly hard problems for homework. Tests are even harder.This course with Cardwell is harder than the honors section of the course.Its pretty ridiculous!"

"Everything is examples and he goes through them as if it is review. His homework is challenging and his tests definitely aren't easy. He does give a rather large curve at the end of the semester however. I got an A but I worked HARD- the only class that ever made me cry."

"He is very dry. He's as dead as the paper in the book. He stick to examples and and the tests looks completely different than what is in the book."

"This class made me cry too. Definitely possible to succeed if you work your bum off. Not the best instructor alive."

Fuck. Just my freaking luck.
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I swear I have a paranoia/guilt complex of some kind. I always feel like people are going to hate me forever if I do something to disappoint them.

Allison's having a birthday dinner tonight and I told her I'd love to go. Which I would. But I forgot we have a floor meeting soon after, and I don't want to go to dinner and be rushing things by constantly watching the clock to be sure I can get back on time and thereby make it awkward. Okay, so maybe texting her about it wasn't the best way to go, but she replied immediately with "Ok..." and now I'm thinking "omg she hates me!! Dx" I'm sure that in these situations I'm giving myself far too much importance in people's lives and I'm really not ruining their lives forever, but bah. BAHHH.

Off to lunch with Molly, yay.
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My yoga ball isn't saying as full as it should be, I don't think. Le sad.

I finally have a view of something! After looking out at that godawful air conditioning unit (if that's even what it was), I now get to look out at wonderful West Grace Street. It's an improvement, lol.

My room looks pretty awesome. I have the beaded curtain up in the doorway, my pictures are up, pictures from an old Care Bears calendar are up on the wall, my microwave is spiffy, and my door is freaking awesome. The only exception is that my white board refuses to stay up, so I have to ask Mommy to get me a new one. =( And I have shampoo now! Didn't pack any because we went to BJ's yesterday and I figured I could get a giant bottle or two. Except they didn't have it. Had to go to Ukrop's today, whoo boy. Anyway, yeah. Everything's unpacked and I'm just finishing up on finding homes for everything. I heart my room a lot. Will take pictures when it's finally done.

...My printer just spat out 15 pages of nothing, for no reason. What the hell?

I was looking at Phi Sigma Pi's wiki page earlier, specifically at alumni-related things. Other chapters seem so far ahead of us. There are a bunch of things I'd like to do now, having seen the suggestions on the Wiki, but I pretty much lack motivation to continue anything big that I start. It would be great to send out a newsletter once or twice a semester, but knowing me I'd never get it done and/or it would suck. So I have to talk to Shannon about that, I think. I'd also like to do something on our website, but a) I lack teh 1337 skillz, and b) the website itself just... kinda sucks. Krissy, Shannon, and Natalie want to make our chapter a lot better this year, so I'm sure they'd be up to doing new things and whatever, it's just a matter of my figuring out the best way to do things so that they get done. u_u Whatever.

I am super excited about the barbeque on Wednesday. And I will be so freaking glad when it's over. x3

Met my mentee today. She's been here a week already, and I totally didn't know this. Now I feel stupid. I think I'd seen her around yesterday and today too, but I didn't think it was her because I didn't think she was moving in til tomorrow. Now I feel freaking stupid. xD Oh wells. It's not like she told me, either.

Cabell has Harry Potter 1-4 (at least) and Jekyll & Hyde, so I'll be making a stop there in the near future. Now that I won't be on Gaia anymore, I'll need something to do to keep myself busy when I'm not leaving homework until the last possible moment. God I don't want homework. Or classes. I would be content with just living in WG for nine months and doing nothing. Oh yuck, I need to get a job too. Guess I'll be visiting the Career Center on Monday, since I never got around to emailing them. I should be able to find something on campus, because there's no way in hell they can fill ALL those work study positions. Seriously, the list is super long. Tuesdays and Thursdays would be freaking ideal to work, if I could get an office job. But whatever, I'm not going to get my hopes up for anything. I do seriously need a job.

Also, my bill needs to freaking get paid. It's due by Tuesday; my financial aid and one of my two scholarships has gone through, but I still owe them $8,669.50 technically. So my loan needs to kick in NAO PLZ. I'm pretty sure it went through like, at the last minute last semester, because I remember freaking out about it then too. But still this is not funny. I don't have $9k to give them if something gets fucked up.

How do I always start off happy and end up complaining/worrying about things? Oi. It's sleepy time now anyway. I's tired. yay, bed. :3
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Bahaha, I am back in WG and it is amazing. My room is a mess though. I couldn't really put stuff away when my parents were here, since I'm anal about where things go and my father just kept getting in the way. Oh wells.

I'm freezing right now and I love it. I missed being able to have the AC on ARCTIC COLD. I do have to turn it down before I die so. Le sad.

...yeah. Cleaning and decorating needs to happen now. Will update later when I run out of things to do and am bored with no one here. :3
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I nearly died when I checked my email, because I was expecting "Sorry, you failed, literally. Too bad." So then I nearly died again when I read the email. I got a 66% on the freaking midterm retake, but I managed a 79 on the final?! I was ready to CRY when I was taking it, and I practically got a B on it?! Jesus freaking Christ.

So since Sunday night I've had a knot in my stomach because I was so nervous/worried/anxious/everything over this, and now I feel so much better. This is ridiculous OMG. OMGOMGOMG.



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