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Ahahaha. College is amazing. Yesterday I was listening to random musicals on Maria's iPod, and I found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So I'm listening to it on shuffle, and the lullaby song comes on, and I'm like "wtf? on wait, this is the show version. HOLY CRAP IT'S MICHAEL BALL!!" (Marius from Les Mis). I was wondering why it sounded familiar and really really good. Now I need to add this to my list of CDs to find. I never knew it was an actual show. o___o Wheee.

And so Michelle comes in earlier to tell me that she was looking at the TV Guide and what's on ABC family at 4? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the movie. Which I LOVED when I was little. zomg. You have no idea how happy I am. The little kids are so cute. I love them.

And now I am sad at the same time. The Sound of Music is on at 7, but I won't be able to watch it all! ;o; An alum from VCU/PSP is going to be back in town, so a zillion of us are going to dinner because he wanted to meet the brothers. I'm sure it will be fun, but oh I'm so saaaaad... I want to watch the Sound of Music!! ;___;

This just confirms my need of a job. Because I want to buy movies online. Seriously? I found My Fair Lady for FIFTEEN DOLLARS on Half.com. When it's supposed to be like, $40. I forget what else I looked up, but it was another older movie that I used to watch on VHS, for rly cheap on DVD. I think maybe it actually was The Sound of Music... I can has work nao plz?

edit: I am retardedly happy about this movie being on right now, you have no idea. However, maybe it's just because I've been spoiled by other people, but I really don't like Dick Van Dyke's voice. He doesn't really sound like he's singing so much as talking in time with the music. ;-; I am picky and retarded, but whatever.


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