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3 day weekend and i've done nothing productive. i think i'll blame it on James. He had tix to the non-existant Sox game on Saturday and had to rearrange the schedule to cover his not being there. Somehow this involved me being at the desk, which killed my day off, aka the day i planned on getting everything done. Since then i've felt like doing nothing. Argh. including the French poem i have to record myself reading. Not a hard poem or assignment by any means, it's just that i hate hearing my own voice so i'm sure i'll re-do it about a billion times. ><"

Borrowed Romeo & Juliette from Ms. Kerwin again. i'm a geek. i tried burning it at my grandfather's house but his computer's retarded; there's only one cd drive thing. How the hell are you supposed to copy something if you can only insert one disc? i'm going to Ferdy's later to try to figure out her DVD burner. i hope it works, because i want Ferdy to watch it. Except for the little "there are no subtitles" thing. xD But i can translate it easily.

i need to clean my room. There's so much clutter. Ugh. Completely by accident i managed to put my Jack Sparrow poster in a spot across the room where it's usually the first thing i see when i wake up. i'm that awesome.

Oh hey, weirdness: The other night i had a really fucked up dream where i was working on my 18th birthday and Jack Sparrow cam in to visit? i was excited but i was stuck behind the desk and couldn't really spaz or anything, so he wandered around the store and nobody else gave a damn. Then when i got off work i went out to give him a hug and he poofed into Devin wearing a Jack Sparrow costume and i got so disappointed.

Well that was odd.

i hate English. i hate having to readjust to different teachers every year. i think Tallon's more anal than Murray when it comes to essays. He's certainly a lot more rude about it anyway.

i'm hungreee. i want coffee & a bagel but it's cold outside, and i'll be getting coffee later anyway, and i need to shower before i go out but i don't want to do it now. Meh. Waitaminnit.Wehaveacoffeemaker.Ohyay!

i need to get back to my fanfic writing. T_T i found my impaws notebook yesterday and i was like "aww... memories" cuz i haven't written anything in forever.

AnimeBostonnnnnnnnnnn.... *drools* i can't wait to go. We're all actually cosplaying this year x3 Halloween Sora YAY! i think i'm going to be spending a lot of time with Izzo working on these damn costumes, cuz i am in no way artsy or good at sewing or anything. But WHEE!! *spazzes* i'm disappointed that we'll only be doing KH on Sunday when there are like, no people and nothing to do. Oh well. i'll put my costume in a box and bring it to college with me next year and hope there's a con down there lol. *fr33k*

Joe's off the next like, 2 weeks or something. Supposedly he's going to be studying for the lieutennant's exam but i doubt it. All he ever does when he's home is mope around and do nothing. Argh.

i'm sosleepy. Why do i get sleepy hen it's cold? Meh.

it's funny how when you're little you have all these things you're never gona do, but then you do then anyway when you grow up. When i was a kid i was like "Ew Shakespeare's stoopid, i'll never read any of that stuff." And i went out and bought Romeo & Juliette the other day. Obsession much? xD

i'm boring anyone who's reading this now. Goo'bye.


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