Aug. 18th, 2005 07:30 pm
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Yeah so here's an update for ya.

i feel shitty. i've been sick for a few days. my tummy yells at me whenever i eat, so i haven't really been eating. which isn't a bad thing, in theory, but i guess is bad anyway. >>

ihate the ending to FMA. somebody better sub that movie soon. and wathcing the whole series is really the only thing from my lengthy summer to-do list that i finished. which is depressing.

i'm losing interest in gaia, but i dont think i'll ever quit cuz it's fun, and there are so many people i'd probly not get to talk to again if i quit.

i have 150 pages of my psych book to read plus 15 pages on it to write, a bunch of french assignments, and 3 long books to read. in about 3 weeks. my classes suck cuz there's no one in them. i'm going to college in virginia. i have a lot of writing to do for scholarships for essays. fuck life. someone remind me to bitch about new haven later. >.o i dont have the time now.

ferdy's going to ohio in 2 days. i'll have to amuse myself for a week. wtf.

i've become re-obsessed with the french romeo & juliette musical since i found ALL the songs on limewire. i just wish i could get the show itself to dl. ms kerwin said i could borrow her dvd to copy, but that would take forever since i'd have to use my grandfather's computer [why does HE have a dvd burner and we dont?!] to rip it from hers, then burn it to dvd-rs. but it's 2 discs. oi. i dont think i could stay at their house for that long. but the songs are sad. and easily understandable. someone on gaia told me my french was mazaing for not being my first language. yay.

i still want french ygo manga. but it would cost a fortune to buy 1-31, and whatever else is out, and have it shipped from florida or canada or france or something. why the hell does it suck so much here?

work sucks as usual. overbearing gay men who still are only part time after 25 years and think they're the manager do not make for a happy flea or a happy work environment. and what the hell, he calls me flea! what. the hell?!

james & ferdy make work fun though.

i still dont see the point of myspace.

my room is kinda clean-ish. i cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago when we bought the guitar. the next week i cleaned out my entire closet and got rid of so much crap. then i cleaned my room itself, but ti still needs work.

i;m learning to play nirvana's "come as you are" on guitar. i want to learn the rage beat dammit!

christ, man, this is my last year of high school. like, wtf. my childhood is out the window... i'll be 18 in 6 months and 10 days. .-. i've done nothing significant with my life and i'm moving on to a new stage and shit but... it's kinda depressing. i keep saying i cant wait to go to college, and i really cant, but omg. college. when i was little i never thought i'd be this old or going to college or whatever. i was amazed by people who were this old. i remember in like, 7th grade 2 guys from school asked me out in like a week and i was like "hey mom, what would you say if..." and she's like "no, you're not dating until youre 16" and i was like "what the fuck thats so far away!" and im 17 now and couldn't care less about guys... i wish tehre were hot guys around. or girls. i wish i could definitely figure out what my "sexual orientation" is. >> why does life suck so much?

haha, my mom asked me last night if i ever went back to fictionised.net. @.@ no, but ari found me. does that count? *waves to ari <3*

oh christ. i hope i dont have a lot of classes with ariana this year. that would make life suck more. i cant believe freshman year i was like "yeah im totally gona be valedictorian" and now im #3, behind fucking airhead barbie and a pothead. i dont care that im not #1, i really honestly dont whether or not people believe me. it just pisses me off that THEY are the top 2. "oh no, i dont want people to think i'm smart! ewwwww" well then what the fuck, dont act like you know everything!

mmm i still wana work on impaws. maybe ill do that later insterad of reading psych. this weekend im definitely going to finish my psych book and the writing, and probly the tehology book too. then i can read native son and the grapes of wrath each in a week, and ill be all set. my french homework wont take any time at all. oh christ i dont want to go back to school. im really honestly dreading this year and i dont know why. i've never been happy about going back to school after summer vaca but this time i just dont want to go back at all. ugh.

fucking graduation is the same weekend as anime boston. they better have the ceremony somewhere cool instead of the fucking churchor i will be PISSED. to miss anime boston for sitting in a church for a few hours? it's an ugly church, it's small, and while i respect other people's religions and such, i dont believe in a god of any kind and i really dont want something as "important" as graduation in a fucking church. i wanted to be halloween sora too, which would be aweosme and fun to make but argh.

i;ve given up on trying to make my own prom dress. im just going to try to desgin it and find someone who will make it. and lose about40 pounds. ugh god im gross. and i just had this conversation with ferdy. XD

okay, im done bitchign for now. i have to go to s&s to get coffee and dog food and shit that means i;ll have to deal with danny. what the fucking hell. maybe ill do that 2moro beofre i start, and ill get kerri to do it for me instead. so yeah. imma go visit ferdy and get gas and coffee and stuff, then come home and give in and work on impaws.

i need to find kata's LJ...

screw looking decent. im going to s&s in my pajamas. ask me if i give a damn.

why does blog-writing always make me pissy/apathetic?


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