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So i realized all of a sudden i never told anyone about the trip to France. So, seeing as i'm bored and there's nothing to do, i'm going to waste my last 25 minute of computer time talking about it. w00t. i've been thinking about it a lot lately. i'm so sad xD i want to go back and wander around Paris more.

Anyway, so after getting stalled at Logan for an hour and a half for some stupid reason, we got to New Jersey, then left for France from there. McDonald's in an empty airport at like, 930pm is like ew. Charles DeGaulle airport was pretty cool. But dude, in public bathrooms they don't have paper towel dispenser things. They have -real- towels rolled up in the dispensers and you pull them down to get a dry part to wipe your hands on. 21 of us were standing in the bathroom staring at it going "Ew..." XD The guy at customs didn't stamp my passport. i was mad. We got free time to wander around near our hotel before we went out. from there... we went to the Eiffel Tower. Has anyone not heard this story yet? we were standing on the second [of three] levels, waiting in a massive line for the elevator up. all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it starts fucking POURING. like, sheets of rain you couldnt see through. and it was windy. so we stood there out in the open, soaking wet and freezing. when it was almost ver haley and i realized we had umbrellas, so like 10 people huddled under 2 umbrellas til it stopped. we're such geeks. when we'd gotten to the top it'd stopped raining but it was super crowded cuz they just keep letting people up. i lost lizzerd and people, but then found them. the clouds from the rain storm were moving on, but it was kinda creepy cuz on one side the sky was nice and clear and you can see everything, but on the other side it was dark and rainy. x3 so i have all pics of the same things cuz there wasnt enough light on the other side to see anything.

this is boring tooo. xD sorry ferdy, i'll have to continue some other time. but up next is my wonderful race down the 600+ steps of the damn tower on which i almost died. yays.


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