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[22:09] Sean: hi, my name's "cat" and i am a weeaboo and i am stupid and i like bad musicals and i am ugly and i am a weeaboo
[22:10] SenorKitKat: you said weeaboo twice
[22:10] Sean: i know
[22:11] Sean: i also forgot to say cheap

...He's so fucking charming.
I'm gonna miss him again. lesigh
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Kay. So i'm totally giving my Voice & Vision speech via sock puppet. That way i can talk in 3rd person and look a little more sane. xD Still hafta write that thing. Got the most awesome idea in English but didn't get to write it down. WTFH.

Forgot what i was just gona say.

Fomg. i've like, never had a social life, ever. And now 3 different people want to do 3 different things on Friday night. Go figure. John & McCabe wana go bowling in Davis Sq. somewhere, Isabella wants people to go to her house and watch Advent Children [i know nothing oputside FFX cuz i'm too lazy to start 7 oiver again], and Katie wants to go see Corpse Bride. i think the latter 2 have merged, but that's okay. i don't know if i can go out at all, cuz i hafta work til 7, then on Saturday is my grandparents' 50th anniversary party so we hafta get up early and go do shit and whatever... Christ. But how the hell do so many things happen at once?!

i wonder what it means when i'm sitting here in the dining room thinking, "i want to go home"?

This speech is gona be fun. Gona scare the crap out of me, but 'twill be fun.

i'm such a fucking loser! x3

John just told me the season premiere of CSI is on tonight. Mmm. <3 Homework? What homework?

i think i'ma audition [wtf?] to do announcements. if i can handle the stupid intercom thing at work, i can deal with school.

i'm filling this space with random things cuz i forgot what the hell i wanted to write.

Holy Christ. "Broken" is a fucking PAIN in the ASS to play! it's like, wayyyyy beyond my level. i'm still going to learn it. Yesh.

My whole college application process got a hell of a lot easier. VCU sent me an email with a different online app: fewer Qs, no essay, no fee. YAYS. Some random college in the middle of Ohio sent me one too. Never heard of it though.

Oh em gee. Funniest thing in work the other day. [Aside from Danny paging me, "Flea... to the Service Desk. Flea... to the Service Desk." idiot xD] SO anyway, James came over and i forget what was going on but i was like "Fucking Christ" and he stops and gets all thoughtfull and goes "'Fucking... Christ'... no, i don't think that's accurate. Jesus didn't screw anyone. Well, except Mary Magdalene. They got it on a lot."

"Well yeah, she was a whore."

"Mmmno, that's just what the Bible wants you to think, because the Bible is evil like that."

it hurt my brain. "Well y'know, what? i don't belive in God anyway, so it really doesn't matter."

"Pfft! Ms Arlington Catholic..."

"Ha, i've been in Catholic school all my life and i don't believe in God. Go figure."

but then he walked away cuz somebody flashed their light. Goddamn.

Mmm... Keika's back from dinner. i'ma go bug her. if i can find her.

i'll leave you with this:

john56234: sunday
cmickac8: can u go
john56234: I think so
john56234: still bowling?
SenorKitKat: no, fishing
cmickac8: hahaha
SenorKitKat: or squrrl huntin'
cmickac8: and batmitten
SenorKitKat: they eat squrlls in mississippi
cmickac8: wow
cmickac8: i cant believe it
john56234: damn missisipians

We're such losers <3
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Oh fucking christ. There were so many potential titles for this entry. XD

Kay. So last night i went out with Ferdy [[livejournal.com profile] silversparkle], her brother, and her dad to the Patriots game, since her dad got clubhouse tickets from someone he works with. i don't care for football, and the only thing i know about it is how to score. [i found out i actually know a little more when i was looking at the scoreboard thing, but it really doesnt matter cuz i still don't care.] We got stuck in traffic on the way down but we had so much fun in the gigantic van thing. Ferdy's dad discovered you're not supposed to bite into everlasting gobstoppers, and especially not 3 at once. So he spit them out the window. And terrorized various other cars. Mwahaha. i won't bore anyone with details cuz to understand you have to spend time with Ferdy's family and their weird sense of humor. XD

We were walking thru the parking lot and all of a sudden we hear "ALLLLLLLLLL ABOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD!" and the two of us start jumping up and down for no reason going "OMIGOD IT'S OZZY!" and the guys just started walking faster. [They were playing 'Crazytrain' in the stadium.] The security lady decided my gigantic Kyo bag was "WAY too big. That canNOT come inside." i'm like "Okay, what do you want me to do with it?" And she kinda stared at me. Then she asked another dude and i got to bring it. Whatever. So we took the escalators up, and whatever, and inside was like, gigantic. There were a bunch of bars and food places, and chairs and TVs and shit. [Hell, i'm just going to say 'Dad' not cuz it's easier to type and it's how i address him anyway XD] So Dad and Mike went down to find our seats, and they wound up climbing over everyone cuz we went out the wrong door. Meghan & i stayed inside and wandered. Then Dad & Meghan got booze and me & Mike just stood there like "Okay, you guys suck." [Weird: he's exactly 6 months older than me. (And Crys XD)] Ferdy & i stayed inside and watched the Red Sox game on the TV, then got $8 subs, $4 sodas, and $5 fries. Mmm. They were good though. And the fries were seasoned and we got mao for them. *dies laughing* Kay, so it was Kraft mayo in the squeezy bottle, except it didnt want to come out of the bottle. So we're there haveing major isues with it and this guy's like "Just keep squeezing and shaking it. it will come out... just keep alternating the squeezing and the shaking." We were both laughing at our inability to get it to work, and at the unintentional innuendo, but it's funny cuz when we walked away we were both like "Well that was compeltely wrong." We share a mind, but it's so perverted. XD Spent a good amount of time in the bathroom afterwards hanging out on this bench thing.

The bathroom thing reminded me of my 8th grade teacher. At recess she would only let 2 people go to the bathroom at once and you couldnt bring your food with you. She was like "The bathroom is not a place to hang out. Do you go to people's houses and eat and talk in their bathroom?" Does she not know that in public females go to the bathroom in packs? Yeesh. xD

Moving on... so we went outside about halfway through the 3rd quarter and we were trying to see if we could get on the tv/big screen thing, but we didnt. Aww. And apparently when the Pats score these guys dressed as revolutionary people shoo off guns. Well that scared the crap out of me cuz i didnt expect it, and i got laughed at. Like 10 minutes later Ferdy's like "Ohhhhhh, i get it! They're Patriots!" So she stole my job. [i was dubbed Captain Obvious on the ride down, and she's Major Pain. Haha. Dad's so witty. xD]

She wanted to see Tom Brady, so we're watching the guys on the field looking for #12. We found. #69 instead. -insert immature jokes here.- Turns out his name is Wright. So dad's like "Hey, it's Mr. Right! Haha!" And in unison we're like "Mr. Right is 69!" Christ. And we spotted a giant lava lamp and fucking gigantic gross moths EW.

Ahhh i forget the funny stuff from teh ride home cuz im still super tired. BUt man that day was awesome.

Awesome after 6, anyway. Work sucked yesterday. it was Thursday, which means people get their paychecks. it was the first of the month, which means people get social security checks and whatever, and people are always weird on the first of the month. Fucking Danny worked 10-3, which never happens, and for good reason. All he did was yell at me and blame me ofr anything andf everything that went wrong. Ugh. Then Adrina came in, which made things better. i don't understand why, but every Thursday something goes wrong with the lottery and i can't get it to balance. Renee tried to balance it for me but she accidently cleared the calculator and had to start over. i HATE leaving if there's something wrong cuz i dont' want to get blamed for it. Fucking Phyllis. if she didnt insist on working there there wouldn't be any problems. ARGH. And now i get to go in today and work 3 hours with Danny again. Fucking joy.

Oh yay, i can check the schedule before i leave and we can see when we can go see the Exorcism movie.

My fingers hurt. "Satisfaction" is a pain in the ass to play on the guitar. Every song i lsiten to now i hear the guitar more than anything and i'm always like "Wow that would be fun to learn!" and then i'm like "uhhh... yeahright." The guy said he'd teach me "Broken" but now im afriad. Hooboy.

i'm shutting up now. Gota get ready for work and whatnot. i have tomoro off and Sean will be gone most of the day, so hopefully i can get some schoolwork done. Christ, i can't believe school starts in a week. This is depressing. But thank god this is the last year. it's almost over, yay.


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