Jul. 15th, 2005 10:35 am
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mmmyeah. i found Bubba and Ariana on myspace. it magically decided to let me add my school this time. i still want to add James just for the purpose of leaving him comments, but he would probably kill me. Or i'd get stuck on 16 for the rest of my life. FERDYYYYY DONT LET HIM KILL MEEEEEEE! <3

i need a life. Started cleaning my room yesterday. Threw all my little kid books into a box and filled the shelf space with manga. All that's left on my bookshelf now is school books. My manga need more space still though. Uh oh. XD None of the shit i requested from the library has come yet except Eva. Watch it come while i'm in VA and then i'll have to pay gigantic fines. Wtfh. i wonder if this font color will show up? i dont even know what my journal thing looks like. MMm, going to get Harry Potter tonight. Man, i'm not gona get any sleep for a week... Getting the book at midnight, so i'll be up reading it all night. Seeing Willy Wonka tomorrow w/ Ferdy @ 9-something. [Mom made a face at that but that's too damn bad.] Sunday is Gram's party, ugh. Monday i'll have to get up wicked early since we're leaving for fucking Virginia. Then i'll be there for a week in shitty hotels and not sleeping. Christ. And then we might go to the Cape the week after. i don't like beaches, i don't like swimming, i don't like fish. i don't care that i've never been to the Cape. is that a problem?

i can't wait til Fullmetal Alchemist comes out. After i watch that i'm gona dl the rest of it, since that evil spoiler AMV made me want to know what happened! i need to finish Naruto too. Urk. i need coffee. i'm gona go convince my mommy to go get me coffee. Toodles.


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