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Ahahaha. College is amazing. Yesterday I was listening to random musicals on Maria's iPod, and I found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So I'm listening to it on shuffle, and the lullaby song comes on, and I'm like "wtf? on wait, this is the show version. HOLY CRAP IT'S MICHAEL BALL!!" (Marius from Les Mis). I was wondering why it sounded familiar and really really good. Now I need to add this to my list of CDs to find. I never knew it was an actual show. o___o Wheee.

And so Michelle comes in earlier to tell me that she was looking at the TV Guide and what's on ABC family at 4? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the movie. Which I LOVED when I was little. zomg. You have no idea how happy I am. The little kids are so cute. I love them.

And now I am sad at the same time. The Sound of Music is on at 7, but I won't be able to watch it all! ;o; An alum from VCU/PSP is going to be back in town, so a zillion of us are going to dinner because he wanted to meet the brothers. I'm sure it will be fun, but oh I'm so saaaaad... I want to watch the Sound of Music!! ;___;

This just confirms my need of a job. Because I want to buy movies online. Seriously? I found My Fair Lady for FIFTEEN DOLLARS on Half.com. When it's supposed to be like, $40. I forget what else I looked up, but it was another older movie that I used to watch on VHS, for rly cheap on DVD. I think maybe it actually was The Sound of Music... I can has work nao plz?

edit: I am retardedly happy about this movie being on right now, you have no idea. However, maybe it's just because I've been spoiled by other people, but I really don't like Dick Van Dyke's voice. He doesn't really sound like he's singing so much as talking in time with the music. ;-; I am picky and retarded, but whatever.
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it really is. But anyway...

Procrastination, (noun): the act of putting something off because you're just too damn lazy to do it. Yes. And i've done a lot of that this summer. The other day i cleaned my room and rearranged furniture rather than read. i've got to go read more after i eat breakfast and finish this.

Sadness: i really really wanted the Kuroneko sweatshirt from Hot Topic but it's not fleecywarm and is a zip-up. Bah. BAH i say. So that was a wasted trip to the mall. But we went to Newbury Comics too and i got the Johnny Depp poster i've been wanting [Jack Sparrow standing on his ship looking sexy before it sinks in the beginning of the movie.] And i got a Jack Sparrow pin and the Sarcasm one i had before that broke. And the Blessid Union of Souls best singles CD. i never knew "Brother My Brother" was on any CD except the first pokemon soundtrack. i want to watch that movie now too. >>; Crap.

So Kuro told me about this movie called "Brokeback Mountain." Heath Ledger's in it, and Jake Gylenhaal or whoever the fuck you spell his name. [haven't seen any of his movies, but i just found him on google and he's hot! =3] Better? they're GAY. but it doesnt come out til december, dammit. Me wana seeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

The site for The Exorcism of Emily Rose says it's only PG-13 but i swear it said R on the commercial. i want to see another rated R movie xD

i need to practice guitar, but i havent had time cuz of school shit. Goddammit.

Kay, i forgot the other thing i wanted to say/rant about in here, so i'm gona go find food and try to finish Native Son before work. Then i'll work on psych, then french, then read the Grapes of Wrath if i have time before Monday. YAY for Sparknotes. >>"
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Meaning "Mmm... rare." in French. As in meat. xD The Brothers Grimm was a good movie. Quickie update cuz i dont know when the family's coming home, but i had fun today. After work Ferdy & i went to the movies [she bought me coffee! :whee:] and it was fun, and then we went to Friday's and the lady asked if we wanted to sit at the bar and i was like O.o" and mmmmmm steak. MMMMMMM. and then we went to S&S to buy ice cream cuz all the places are closed and we're dorks like that. And now i'm home alone for a few more minutes but i'm too chicken to go upstairs by myself. Brina's keeping me company so it's all good.

i hear a car... ><

i dont want to go to work at 8 2moro... save me. ><"
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=D Gaahhhhhhhh, Johnny Depp. <3 That movie is fucking awesome. Haha, 'fucking.' Ferdy knows what i'm talking about. Mmmmyeah. And dude, the guy runs/lives in a candy factory. Can you imagine the possibilities?! @.@

Moving on to something more uh... wholesome? i got a guitar. Yays. it's a Peavey something or other. Came in a box with all the other guitar shit you need. We went to New Hampshire to see this place called America's Stonehenge. [OHMIGAWD LOOK! IT'S A BUNCH OF ROCKS!] it was okay... the main site was like, half old ancient shit and half the remains of a guy's house. o.O The tour map thing was like "#7 - Sacraficial Altar. #8 - X's Fireplace." And i'm like "uh... yeah..." But there was astronomical stones set up too. What i thought was cool was the fact that wherever the stones were, the path was clear so you could see the sun/moon/whatever, but i'm realizing now that people probably cleared them quite recently so they could see what was going on. >>;

Anyway, guitar: So we're driving through Salem looking for this restaurant we went to before, and we drive by a Daddy's Junky Music. All of a sudden my father stops short and he's like "Are they really getting a guitar?" and Mom's like "Eventually" and he just pulled in. He figured it was better to buy it in New Hampshire [where there's no sales tax] than "paying taxes to the Republic." Haha, you're funny. NOT. Now, since we started talking about getting a guitar, i've been saying we're getting an electric guitar for various reasons that Katie and P3ffy gave me, and the fact that i'm just not playing an acoustic. So the guy in the store is like "What kind do you want? Acoustic r electirc?" and i said electric but as usual i was ignored. Joe goes "Uh, we don't know yet. What's better to learn on?" and after the guy gave a speech about it, Joe turns to me & Sean and says "Hey, you should be asking these questions, not me!" At which point i flipped out on him because not only did i say what we wanted, the guy had repeated what i've been saying about why we should get an electric. So yeah. i got glared at by mom for asking the guy if they had the guitar in black, since the only one on the floor was an ugly ass color called "Sunburst" Eww.

Aaanyway, after that we went to lunch and i got yelled at a million more times for bitching at Joe for being the uncivilized idiot that he is. Then we came home and i cleaned the fucking garage. i'm still not sure why. it's been bugging me forever that it was so cluttered and messy and gross, and i was planning on doing it eventually cuz Mom's been saying we'll have to practice down there cuz of the noise [>>], so i was gona do it to drop a not-so-subtle hint. But then we got the guitar and that killed that. it was so gross down there. There was a giant spider and it had like, egg sacs in its web hanging off the door and ew. i almost quit when i saw it. But 2.5 hours later i was disgusting, the garage was clean, and the trash in the driveway took up more space than the car. Yay.

i can't wait til i'm 18. There are so many things i'm going to do just to spite Mom. BCN had a blood drive on Friday and i wanted to go, and she just kept asking me why. Uhh, to give blood? Duh? But of course i got shot down, and if you're under 18 you have to have permission, so that sucks.

UUUUGGGHHHH. i want to dye my hair. That's the one thing i can't do and hide from her. i can get my ears pierced and just wear my hair down all the time, and if i wanted i could get a tattoo and hide it easily, but i can't wear a hat or anything 24/7. Grr. And yes, i said, "i could get a tattoo." i recently decided i want one, but i don't know what or where. i saw at least 3 tattoo/body piercing places in Richmond but those were in the part you don't go to. >>

The story of my hellish trip to Virginia: So we went down to visit Virginia Commonwealth University. it's a 10 hour drive. Since no one likes my idiot father, and he drive like a maniac, it was not a happy ride. Monday was all driving. Tuesday we went to Jamestown, where they recreated some of the colonial shit but it sucked a lot. Then we went to Yorktown, which was Revolutionary War-era recreated shit. Wasn't as bad. mom expected them to take all day, but we spent maybe an hour at each one. Drove to Richmond and stayed there, even though we were'nt supposed to go tehre til Wednesday. We missed a turn, so we kept driving down one of the main streets, all the way into a rundown scary section. There were boarded up buildings and hardly anyone on the streets, and even though there were tons of fast food places and such, there were no cars in any of the parking lots. When people started listening to me since i had the fucking map anyway, we turned around and found the hotel. [The street we wanted was the only fucking one without a street sign.] Then we went back out to a fast food place called Hardee's. There was no one in the place, and all the people behind the counter were black. They were nice, but when we walked in the looks they gave us clearly said "You're not suppsoed to be here." ._. At that point i just flipped out. We went back to the hotel and i curled up in a big chair and wanted to cry. The place fucking scared me. it's not like i have a problem with cities; i've wandered around Boston and Paris and Nice, not knowing exactly where i was going and in the last two, not even knowing what people were saying, and i couldn't have cared less. But just sitting in the car and the hotel i desperately wanted to go home. i was in a bad mood all night. Wednesday morning Mom called the lady we were suppsoed to talk to at VCU and asked if we could reschedule for that day [instead of Thursday]. We went and talked to her and blah. She asked for my SAT scores & GPA, and said right away that i'd be accepted with no problem and i'd be in the honors program and get a $12k scholarship, minimum [Half a year's tuition]. We walked around and saw the school and it's all self-contained. Everything is in one area, except the medical campus is across the city, but the scool has a shuttle that runs back & forth every 15 minutes, so that's no problem. The honors dorm is an old hospital. The lady said i'd get my own room. That kinda takes the fun out of it, not having a roommate, but whatever. i kinda liked the school. And when i graduated i'd have a degree in Forensic Science, plus i'd be like, 1 clas away from a Chemistry minor and 2 from a Biology minor. Those classes could easily be taken over the summer somewhere. i haven't seen New Haven yet, but now i'm thinking i kinda want to go to VCU. i didn't before, since it's in Virginia, but i duno. The only thing is... i didnt see a supermarket or any little sotres or anything. o.O that's not goooooood.

Meh, i'm done ranting now. i forgot all the rest of what i was gona say. That, and 2 more episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist are finished. Yays.

That reminds me... i need to track down Cody. ._.


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