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Ahahaha. College is amazing. Yesterday I was listening to random musicals on Maria's iPod, and I found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So I'm listening to it on shuffle, and the lullaby song comes on, and I'm like "wtf? on wait, this is the show version. HOLY CRAP IT'S MICHAEL BALL!!" (Marius from Les Mis). I was wondering why it sounded familiar and really really good. Now I need to add this to my list of CDs to find. I never knew it was an actual show. o___o Wheee.

And so Michelle comes in earlier to tell me that she was looking at the TV Guide and what's on ABC family at 4? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the movie. Which I LOVED when I was little. zomg. You have no idea how happy I am. The little kids are so cute. I love them.

And now I am sad at the same time. The Sound of Music is on at 7, but I won't be able to watch it all! ;o; An alum from VCU/PSP is going to be back in town, so a zillion of us are going to dinner because he wanted to meet the brothers. I'm sure it will be fun, but oh I'm so saaaaad... I want to watch the Sound of Music!! ;___;

This just confirms my need of a job. Because I want to buy movies online. Seriously? I found My Fair Lady for FIFTEEN DOLLARS on Half.com. When it's supposed to be like, $40. I forget what else I looked up, but it was another older movie that I used to watch on VHS, for rly cheap on DVD. I think maybe it actually was The Sound of Music... I can has work nao plz?

edit: I am retardedly happy about this movie being on right now, you have no idea. However, maybe it's just because I've been spoiled by other people, but I really don't like Dick Van Dyke's voice. He doesn't really sound like he's singing so much as talking in time with the music. ;-; I am picky and retarded, but whatever.
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Bahaha. Went to the library and got 5 new musical soundtracks. Ripping nao. I'm excited. :3 I got the Evita (movie soundtrack; should watch it some time), Jekyll & Hyde (it's two discs! I love two disc shows! /geek), Godspell, My Fair Lady, and Into the Woods. My Fair Lady I've seen the movie of, and really liked it when I was little. Hope this CD is good. I have no idea whether or not I'll like any of the others, but that's why they're from the library. >3 [Lizzard, if you read this, do you want any of them?]

I've been listening to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat a lot recently. It's the London cast that Lizzard sent me, and it's really good, but it also makes me sad because the cast in the movie is so much better. ;o; Donny Osmond is on the Canadian recording, but I can't stand the narrator on that one. >< Such is life.

I may have to make another stop at the library before I go back to Richmond, just for more musicals. They're reorganized their CDs so it's much easier to find things now. They had so many show soundtracks! *-* And I'm such a geek but I love it.

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Into the Woods was done as a play when I went to Dramafest. I think it was the one with the crazy inverted set, and that ran over the 40 minutes? I duno.

9 days til I leave. Wow.

Math midterm went fairly well yesterday, I think. Frustrated because one problem was exactly like one that had been on the homework, and for the life of me I couldn't remember how to do it right. It was so simple too. D: And the very last problem was almost exactly like one on the other midterm; I hadn't bothered studying how to do that kind because it involved remembering formulas for area and volume of weird shapes that I never learned in geometry and didn't think I could remember this time. Come to find out it was the same equation that I needed on the last one and hadn't bothered to look up. Pissed about that. ;-; Pretty sure I did better than a 39 this time though. Praying for somewhere in the 80s, but I duno.

Wow, Godspell is pretty good. Better than Jesus Christ Superstar. Ahh, I should find Mom's copy of that and rip it anyway. I like a few of the songs.

On a completely unrelated note, I really hate playing phone tag with people at VCU. I had to talk to five different people to find out how not to get kicked out of my Calc II class without a transcript. Seriously, it was a yes or no question. x_x

There's a fire alarm going off across the street. Reminds me of good ol' Dub G. I seriously hope we don't have any more middle of the night fire drills.

Rrawrgh. I'mma go be productive. kbai.
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So I'm pretty sure the chances of my working this summer are shot to hell. None of the places I applied want summer help, and with 6 weeks left I really don't have a chance anywhere else. D: So this sucks. Next year I'm fucking filling out online applications during finals week.

I'm finally getting around to cleaning out my music folder. But it's amazing how the same songs keep playing despite 1230+ being on shuffle. Cirque du Soleil is amazing. *-* And I'm insanely jealous, because my parents are going to see them/it/whatever. My mom won a trip to Vegas, so she and my father are going the 14th-17th. I hope she comes back with a check for lots of money. :? She's got to hit it big one of these days. She won that entertainment system in December, won a raffle thing of some kind for a chance to buy Red Sox tickets, and now has won this trip. I'm a little bit worried because she fully intends on gambling and I don't know how far she'll go, but there's nothing I can do about it. My grandmother's freaking out because they're leaving Sean & me at home alone. It's going to be an interesting four days. ><

Since I started writing this, I went out to Staples with Mom, and the store in Somerville says they're looking for temporary help for the back-to-school season. According to their website, if you apply online to one store, all the store in a 50-mile radius can see it. Guess I'll call tomorrow and talk to someone. I should stop getting my hopes up. >>

So I mysteriously developed lactose intolerance two years ago, and it mysteriously disappeared last year, and now I think it's back. I think maybe it's because I've been drinking a lot more milk and eating a lot more dairy foods since I've come back from school? I duno. But that seems to be the only explanation for my feeling gross after I eat ice cream or something, but not feeling gross if I've taken one of those stupid Lactaid pills beforehand. Argh.

My room is going to look cool this year. Went to Bed Bath & Beyond with Mom and Nanny last week, and I was lurking in the clearance section when I found beaded curtains for $5. Later Mom had the idea of getting one of those shower curtain tension rods to put inside the doorway/hallthing in the room, and put the curtain on that. Then I also decided that I need to go back and get a few more to put on the wall on the side of the room, and I can put pictures/posters/whatever behind them, and it will be cool. So I need to do that. And I'm excited about it. I've not really started thinking about back to school crap yet, since I had so much leftover from last year. Just need to take some kind of inventory and stock up on pens and crap again, which won't be too hard. :3 I'm rambling again, joy. Either way, my room should look better this year. I also want to print zillions of pictures and put frames up everywhere.

And now I'm pissed off. I was just on the Red Cross website looking at the eligibility requirements because I didn't want to get turned away again (going on Friday). Under the section on Vaccinations it says: "Acceptable if you received an HPV Vaccine (example, Gardasil)." HELLO, WHAT WAS THE FUCKING PROBLEM? I know there's no sense in beating a dead horse, but I don't appreciate the fact that the nurse made it seem like it was my fault that I didn't know the freaking commercial name of a vaccine, when it apparently doesn't even fucking matter.

Eww, and now it's dinner time. And I have to do calc after. Ew ew ew.
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I ARE SO SLEEPY. For some reason I am unable to fall asleep before 2am, if not 3. And I usually don't get out of bed til noon. Which I hate. My alarm goes off at 10 every day, but I fall back asleep before I can drag my ass out of bed. But yesterday I think I got up at 11? Today I was up at 930, tomorrow I'll be up at like 730 and have to walk like a mile after Mommy and I drop the car off for work, and Thursday we're going out with my grandmother so I'll have to be up early. Hopefully I can push myself to the point of exhaustion and then get back into a normal schedule.

...not likely, so long as I have a computer.

Speaking of which, I want moar Bleach. But the group who subbed the first 70 eps seems to have died. Sad, I liked their work. I can't download any more anyway til I figure out how to burn what I have onto DVDs so my computer doesn't explode. And then I need a job to buy more DVDs. ;o; Fail.

Lizzard sent me all kinds of music today. I likes it. :3 I'm such a geek and very easily amused. D'oh, I just noticed that Windows Media Player decided not to keep Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or Cats in order. Wtf, mate. I still wish they'd put the soundtrack to the Joseph movie on CD. Best version. *nodnod*

uhyeah. too sleepy. igobednao.

and leave you with this gem:

[23:01] Ferdy: what fish?
[23:01] Ferdy: *sleeps on fish*


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