Oct. 5th, 2005 12:34 pm
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i have the most articulate titles. x3

Didn't go to school today, as you can tell. Had a fever and a headache last night. Went to bed at 8:30 again. Still sleepy, still have a headache, and i don't have a fever but i'm "warm" according to mommy. Not going to work, so yay. Bad thing? Missed a V/V quiz that i don't know when i can makek up since Ms. Seminara's still gone, and i missed a Law test which is just annoying.

School is not what i thought it would be. English and Psych are really boring, despite cool teachers. French is meh since i know more than everyone else and people's accents bother me. i know i shouldn't be critical but omg, the accents... V/V is good, except apparently i'm a hell of a lot quieter than i thought i was. i don't think i'm quiet, but i get shy-ish and self-conscious when i have to do something that could potentially make me look like an idiot. [Says the girl who wears 30+ tacky bracelets and gave a speech with a sock puppet.] So yeah, that makes it awkward. Study isn't bad but none of my good friends are in it. Law is boring as hell and the only person in it i really like is Puppy. Anatomy fucking puts me to sleep. OMG. if it weren't too late i'd try to switch out, but it was too late when i started, i think. They really only let you switch out of a class if it's too hard, not too easy. My only option would be Calculus, which Mr. Russo would never let me live down, or maybe Advanced Apps, but that would be more useless than Anatomy.

Still haven't gotten the application from Harvard that i asked for a month ago. ><" i was gona do it online to save on the fee anyway, but now it's just the principle of the thing. Bubba and her mom think it's funny i'm only applying there to get my mom to shut up. But whatever. i think since this weekend is a long weeked i'm gona do that & Renssalaer to finish off my applications. Techically i don't have to do any more application shit since i've dont everything for VCU, but mom won't let me die in peace if i don't apply to Harvard so she can feel special, and Renssalaer = scholarship, which i can use to bargain with VCU for scholarship money from them. Not that anyone cares about my college plans.

i had a dream the other night that someone died [i don't think it was a real person that i know] and i was all upset and was like "Fomg my best friend died!" and then everyone i know online and IRL got really pissed and wouldn't talk to me again cuz they were all like "WTFH i though -i- was your best friend!" and now i'm all confused as to why that happened, cuz i know no one's that petty. And we're not in 3rd grade anymore, where everyone can only have one best friend. x3 i remember sophomore year Kari-Ann gave me a best friends necklace from Claire's and i was like "Dude,i haven't had one of these in forever!" That was funny.

Went bowling on Sunday with McCabe, Iz, and this girl Liz who's a junior at AC. She's cool. Izzo and i started planning our Anime Boston costumes; we're doing a GetBackers skit with a bazillion people for the Masquerade. Ani wants me to be Himiko. Holy sheet, i just looked up her info and she only 5' and 16 years old. Jebuz. i'd get a picture except my internet's being a bitch again. Anyway, so that would be the Saturday costume thing. Sunday we're doing Kingdom Hearts and i'm gona be Halloween Sora. >w< i'm excited. Fucking graduation is on the Friday of the con though. Goddamn. Who the hell needs to go to graduation? Especially if it's in the damn church again. Lizzerd said her mom mentioned that this year they might just have a mass in the church, but have the actual ceremony somewhere else. i hope so. That church is ugly, and it's not fair that other schools have awesome graduations at outside places and stuff and we have to go in the stupid ugly church. Half the school doesn't even believe in god. BAH.

Mmm... sleepy. Glad i'm not going to work. my checks for the enxt few weeks are going to suck though; i've got 8 hours this week, and i asked for next Tuesday off so i could do Open House at school, which means my hours will get cut for a week or two. i wonder if i should just say good-bye to the practically non-existant social life i have now and tell her i can work Sundays for the time and a half. it's nice to know i have a [weekend] day off for sure, but i need the money, and for some reason i'm thinking i can't work 5 days in a row, which kills things til i'm 18. i've got to stop buying so much anime & manga, too. ><" Christmas is coming up and tehre's not much else i'll want, so i guess it's okay. i want to get the Sailor Moon season boxed set things though, and since they're over $100 i'm not asking my mom/anyone to buy them.

Paypal needs to send me that damn letter to get my account back up so i can use Ebay. Argh.

We need to get the computer fixed. i want to put digicam pics on the computer.

i had a whole bunch of stuff i wanted to write since i haven't been here in like, 2 weeks, but i forget it all now.

Sean's coming home from school soon, so i'm leaving... Gona watch Advent Children [stole sean's dvd player. booyah.] and maybe clean my room or something.

CLean? i'm sick! :gonk:
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Bleh. Not in school obviously. Friggin allergies are back. My throat's itchy and tight and since 2am i've felt like i'm just going to throw up. Ew.

School is totally not as fun as i'd been hoping. Mom keeps telling me to rearrange it so i can be in everyone else's classes, but "i have no friends" isn't going to be a valid excuse to fuck things up. so i just have to deal with things. Tis not so bad so far; i'm happy as long as i have someone at my lunch. i wonder if anyone would be at my lunch today; i've gotten used to not having anyone at my lunch during Frecnh class... the only difference this year is the calss is all people from my grade.

Don't wana do that V/V speech. UGH.

Really not in the mood to write anymore. i want to go back to bed but i have to work in 3 hours.

Speaking of work, James has started calling me Kitty-Cat. i think he thinks it annoys me. it's kinda creepy, actually, since it's James. But that's okay. God, we have the weirdest conversations. i went and hugged Ferdy when i was going on my break and he goes "You guys really do sleep together, don't you?" and then he was saying how his friend is a lesbian but she likes gay porn and neither of them know why. So i'm like "Hey, there's nothing wrong with gay porn!" and he kinda looked at me for a minute then he's like "But you're not old enough to watch it yet." Ummm... *whistles* So anyway, i decided Ferdy and i are going to Amazing to buy him a gay porn movie thing for his birthday. Maybe we should put a "Love Danny" tag on it instead of our names. Mwahaha.

Kay. i'm done now. *shuffles off*


Aug. 20th, 2005 04:08 pm
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Thanks for the luff/concern over my evil tummy. i think it's only a bug, but my mom wants to drag me to a doctor in the near future. >< and i was only joking about the not eating thing. i like food too much not to eat XD. i wonder if the fact that im not eating cuz it makes me sick is actually what's making me sick. does that make sense? that since i dont eat a lot i feel worse when i do eat?

what the fuck. i give up. im gona go find me something rich and fattening and not healthy and eat it. mmm.


Aug. 20th, 2005 08:25 am
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So in an hour and a half i'll be at work. For 6 hours. Ew.And my stomach is really fucked up. Tuesday i got wicked sick right before work and i don't know why. The trend seems to be when i eat something, i feel sick. so i've not been eating, which i can afford to do, but now my tummy's doing somersaults and i dont know if i'm sick or hungry. >< All week i've only had coffee and yogurt. Wtf. Coffee is good anyway.

i need to go to the bank and get moneys for Mom. Then i'll hide in my room and die when my tummy explodes. Bye.


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