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Life mocks me.

All day it looked like it was going to storm. ALL DAY. And it didn't. So when we left for the Commons and it wasn't raining I was like "ooh yay." We get down to the lobby and it was POURING. What the hell, Richmond? What the hell? So we got to the Commons DRENCHED. Because umbrellas are pretty much useless here. Anyway, I was lucky that I'd brought my sweatshirt in case the Commons got cold; I'd stuffed it in my bag so it was mostly dry, so I had to tear off my shirt and put that on instead. Awkward? xP My shirt did that thing again where the top half of it got wet and the below-boob-level part was mostly dry. Amusing.

So, I am going to force myself to go to bed at midnight. Tonight and hopefully in the future. That means by the time I post this I'll have an hour and a half, approximately, to get stuff done. And boy, do I need to get stuff done. My to-do list for tonight/tomorrow is packed with small things, and to add to that? I need to figure out how to write up a resume. Becauses the place Krissy works at is hiring, and she's the one in charge of the hiring. And this job? Is make your own hours. Which is amazing. I need to do this wright. And it's only like, seven blocks from WG. Ish. Meaning less than a ten minute walk. So when it gets dark early? I can run home freaking fast.

And now I'm getting excited, like I always do when faced with a job opportunity. But omg this would so be amazing. She mentioned that it was like, cutting things and laminating and whatnot, so maybe working at AC Moore will be a plus, despite the fact that I never did any of that? >>
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I have made a zillion lists so far, all on the subject of "what I'm bringing back to/need to pack for school." They all say mostly the same things, but I just keep making new ones instead of revising the old ones. I'm paranoid I'm going to forget something. lesigh. Got some cool things today though: lovely picture frames, a planner with a kitty on it, finally a plain black shirt to wear for PSP things, another shirt (apparently my grandmother doesn't think I own any clothes), kewl colored pens that I've been searching for all summer, christmas lights for my wall(s), and a combo dry erase/cork board with a kitty on it! Yays! No matter how much I buy, I still feel like something's missing. Rargh. Still no sign of my crime scene tape either. ;o;

Stop & Shop needs to hurry up and put Celestial Seasonings tea on sale; their blueberry breeze green tea is yummeh! P=

This just in: I am a spiteful bitch. Because you didn't know that already. Despite finally being able to quit Gaia with no strings attached in two weeks, if all goes well, I'm taking a break from it now. Logically, I should be spending as much time as possible there now in order to speed up the bank closing process, but I find myself unable to care. I realize that life happens, but I've done everything by myself for nearly a month now and I think I can afford to take care of my own business for a while.

I'm melting, I swear. I want to play DDR, but I'm so much more content to sit here and do nothing in the AC. I'm so lazy. u.u That, and I hate when it's so hot and humid that you feel just as gross during and after a shower as you did beforehand. So I'm quite happy to sit here and be gross for the time being, rather than making myself more gross and then getting gross again in the process of removing the initial grossness. Does that make sense anywhere outside of my own mind? Probably not.

My little flash drive is so cute. ^o^ Speaking of cute, I wonder if I can find a Care Bears poster anywhere. Hmm...

Sean just bought an mp3 player online, and I get the feeling Mom's going to kill one or both of us for it. He mentioned wanting one, so I got bored and found some on eBay. He's sure he'll regret it in a week, but wants the thing anyway, even though he says he's spent too much money recently. Okay kid, you make a lot of sense.

I heart my current Facebook picture. It's like, the day after I redyed my hair, so you can see the purple. I likes it. Except Andrew's finger is in it. xD It looks so silly.

PSP events are looking like they're going to turn out pretty well. Personally I think two of the five are rather stupid, but it's not like I got any input from my committee. Whatever. But someone (probably France-Lee, since she brought the subject up) invited like, 20 more people, most/all of whom are alumni! I'm excited, because this means I can FINALLY get contact info for them. Once I have the time to go through and friend everyone.

For now, I'm going to get off my ass and work on math for a little while until the Sox game is over, at which point I get to watch 300 with Sean and teh Mommy on the nice big HD TV. Not better than seeing it in a theater, but definitely sweet. 8D


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