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3 day weekend and i've done nothing productive. i think i'll blame it on James. He had tix to the non-existant Sox game on Saturday and had to rearrange the schedule to cover his not being there. Somehow this involved me being at the desk, which killed my day off, aka the day i planned on getting everything done. Since then i've felt like doing nothing. Argh. including the French poem i have to record myself reading. Not a hard poem or assignment by any means, it's just that i hate hearing my own voice so i'm sure i'll re-do it about a billion times. ><"

Borrowed Romeo & Juliette from Ms. Kerwin again. i'm a geek. i tried burning it at my grandfather's house but his computer's retarded; there's only one cd drive thing. How the hell are you supposed to copy something if you can only insert one disc? i'm going to Ferdy's later to try to figure out her DVD burner. i hope it works, because i want Ferdy to watch it. Except for the little "there are no subtitles" thing. xD But i can translate it easily.

i need to clean my room. There's so much clutter. Ugh. Completely by accident i managed to put my Jack Sparrow poster in a spot across the room where it's usually the first thing i see when i wake up. i'm that awesome.

Oh hey, weirdness: The other night i had a really fucked up dream where i was working on my 18th birthday and Jack Sparrow cam in to visit? i was excited but i was stuck behind the desk and couldn't really spaz or anything, so he wandered around the store and nobody else gave a damn. Then when i got off work i went out to give him a hug and he poofed into Devin wearing a Jack Sparrow costume and i got so disappointed.

Well that was odd.

i hate English. i hate having to readjust to different teachers every year. i think Tallon's more anal than Murray when it comes to essays. He's certainly a lot more rude about it anyway.

i'm hungreee. i want coffee & a bagel but it's cold outside, and i'll be getting coffee later anyway, and i need to shower before i go out but i don't want to do it now. Meh. Waitaminnit.Wehaveacoffeemaker.Ohyay!

i need to get back to my fanfic writing. T_T i found my impaws notebook yesterday and i was like "aww... memories" cuz i haven't written anything in forever.

AnimeBostonnnnnnnnnnn.... *drools* i can't wait to go. We're all actually cosplaying this year x3 Halloween Sora YAY! i think i'm going to be spending a lot of time with Izzo working on these damn costumes, cuz i am in no way artsy or good at sewing or anything. But WHEE!! *spazzes* i'm disappointed that we'll only be doing KH on Sunday when there are like, no people and nothing to do. Oh well. i'll put my costume in a box and bring it to college with me next year and hope there's a con down there lol. *fr33k*

Joe's off the next like, 2 weeks or something. Supposedly he's going to be studying for the lieutennant's exam but i doubt it. All he ever does when he's home is mope around and do nothing. Argh.

i'm sosleepy. Why do i get sleepy hen it's cold? Meh.

it's funny how when you're little you have all these things you're never gona do, but then you do then anyway when you grow up. When i was a kid i was like "Ew Shakespeare's stoopid, i'll never read any of that stuff." And i went out and bought Romeo & Juliette the other day. Obsession much? xD

i'm boring anyone who's reading this now. Goo'bye.
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Kay. So i'm totally giving my Voice & Vision speech via sock puppet. That way i can talk in 3rd person and look a little more sane. xD Still hafta write that thing. Got the most awesome idea in English but didn't get to write it down. WTFH.

Forgot what i was just gona say.

Fomg. i've like, never had a social life, ever. And now 3 different people want to do 3 different things on Friday night. Go figure. John & McCabe wana go bowling in Davis Sq. somewhere, Isabella wants people to go to her house and watch Advent Children [i know nothing oputside FFX cuz i'm too lazy to start 7 oiver again], and Katie wants to go see Corpse Bride. i think the latter 2 have merged, but that's okay. i don't know if i can go out at all, cuz i hafta work til 7, then on Saturday is my grandparents' 50th anniversary party so we hafta get up early and go do shit and whatever... Christ. But how the hell do so many things happen at once?!

i wonder what it means when i'm sitting here in the dining room thinking, "i want to go home"?

This speech is gona be fun. Gona scare the crap out of me, but 'twill be fun.

i'm such a fucking loser! x3

John just told me the season premiere of CSI is on tonight. Mmm. <3 Homework? What homework?

i think i'ma audition [wtf?] to do announcements. if i can handle the stupid intercom thing at work, i can deal with school.

i'm filling this space with random things cuz i forgot what the hell i wanted to write.

Holy Christ. "Broken" is a fucking PAIN in the ASS to play! it's like, wayyyyy beyond my level. i'm still going to learn it. Yesh.

My whole college application process got a hell of a lot easier. VCU sent me an email with a different online app: fewer Qs, no essay, no fee. YAYS. Some random college in the middle of Ohio sent me one too. Never heard of it though.

Oh em gee. Funniest thing in work the other day. [Aside from Danny paging me, "Flea... to the Service Desk. Flea... to the Service Desk." idiot xD] SO anyway, James came over and i forget what was going on but i was like "Fucking Christ" and he stops and gets all thoughtfull and goes "'Fucking... Christ'... no, i don't think that's accurate. Jesus didn't screw anyone. Well, except Mary Magdalene. They got it on a lot."

"Well yeah, she was a whore."

"Mmmno, that's just what the Bible wants you to think, because the Bible is evil like that."

it hurt my brain. "Well y'know, what? i don't belive in God anyway, so it really doesn't matter."

"Pfft! Ms Arlington Catholic..."

"Ha, i've been in Catholic school all my life and i don't believe in God. Go figure."

but then he walked away cuz somebody flashed their light. Goddamn.

Mmm... Keika's back from dinner. i'ma go bug her. if i can find her.

i'll leave you with this:

john56234: sunday
cmickac8: can u go
john56234: I think so
john56234: still bowling?
SenorKitKat: no, fishing
cmickac8: hahaha
SenorKitKat: or squrrl huntin'
cmickac8: and batmitten
SenorKitKat: they eat squrlls in mississippi
cmickac8: wow
cmickac8: i cant believe it
john56234: damn missisipians

We're such losers <3
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Bleh. Not in school obviously. Friggin allergies are back. My throat's itchy and tight and since 2am i've felt like i'm just going to throw up. Ew.

School is totally not as fun as i'd been hoping. Mom keeps telling me to rearrange it so i can be in everyone else's classes, but "i have no friends" isn't going to be a valid excuse to fuck things up. so i just have to deal with things. Tis not so bad so far; i'm happy as long as i have someone at my lunch. i wonder if anyone would be at my lunch today; i've gotten used to not having anyone at my lunch during Frecnh class... the only difference this year is the calss is all people from my grade.

Don't wana do that V/V speech. UGH.

Really not in the mood to write anymore. i want to go back to bed but i have to work in 3 hours.

Speaking of work, James has started calling me Kitty-Cat. i think he thinks it annoys me. it's kinda creepy, actually, since it's James. But that's okay. God, we have the weirdest conversations. i went and hugged Ferdy when i was going on my break and he goes "You guys really do sleep together, don't you?" and then he was saying how his friend is a lesbian but she likes gay porn and neither of them know why. So i'm like "Hey, there's nothing wrong with gay porn!" and he kinda looked at me for a minute then he's like "But you're not old enough to watch it yet." Ummm... *whistles* So anyway, i decided Ferdy and i are going to Amazing to buy him a gay porn movie thing for his birthday. Maybe we should put a "Love Danny" tag on it instead of our names. Mwahaha.

Kay. i'm done now. *shuffles off*
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Oh fucking christ. There were so many potential titles for this entry. XD

Kay. So last night i went out with Ferdy [[livejournal.com profile] silversparkle], her brother, and her dad to the Patriots game, since her dad got clubhouse tickets from someone he works with. i don't care for football, and the only thing i know about it is how to score. [i found out i actually know a little more when i was looking at the scoreboard thing, but it really doesnt matter cuz i still don't care.] We got stuck in traffic on the way down but we had so much fun in the gigantic van thing. Ferdy's dad discovered you're not supposed to bite into everlasting gobstoppers, and especially not 3 at once. So he spit them out the window. And terrorized various other cars. Mwahaha. i won't bore anyone with details cuz to understand you have to spend time with Ferdy's family and their weird sense of humor. XD

We were walking thru the parking lot and all of a sudden we hear "ALLLLLLLLLL ABOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD!" and the two of us start jumping up and down for no reason going "OMIGOD IT'S OZZY!" and the guys just started walking faster. [They were playing 'Crazytrain' in the stadium.] The security lady decided my gigantic Kyo bag was "WAY too big. That canNOT come inside." i'm like "Okay, what do you want me to do with it?" And she kinda stared at me. Then she asked another dude and i got to bring it. Whatever. So we took the escalators up, and whatever, and inside was like, gigantic. There were a bunch of bars and food places, and chairs and TVs and shit. [Hell, i'm just going to say 'Dad' not cuz it's easier to type and it's how i address him anyway XD] So Dad and Mike went down to find our seats, and they wound up climbing over everyone cuz we went out the wrong door. Meghan & i stayed inside and wandered. Then Dad & Meghan got booze and me & Mike just stood there like "Okay, you guys suck." [Weird: he's exactly 6 months older than me. (And Crys XD)] Ferdy & i stayed inside and watched the Red Sox game on the TV, then got $8 subs, $4 sodas, and $5 fries. Mmm. They were good though. And the fries were seasoned and we got mao for them. *dies laughing* Kay, so it was Kraft mayo in the squeezy bottle, except it didnt want to come out of the bottle. So we're there haveing major isues with it and this guy's like "Just keep squeezing and shaking it. it will come out... just keep alternating the squeezing and the shaking." We were both laughing at our inability to get it to work, and at the unintentional innuendo, but it's funny cuz when we walked away we were both like "Well that was compeltely wrong." We share a mind, but it's so perverted. XD Spent a good amount of time in the bathroom afterwards hanging out on this bench thing.

The bathroom thing reminded me of my 8th grade teacher. At recess she would only let 2 people go to the bathroom at once and you couldnt bring your food with you. She was like "The bathroom is not a place to hang out. Do you go to people's houses and eat and talk in their bathroom?" Does she not know that in public females go to the bathroom in packs? Yeesh. xD

Moving on... so we went outside about halfway through the 3rd quarter and we were trying to see if we could get on the tv/big screen thing, but we didnt. Aww. And apparently when the Pats score these guys dressed as revolutionary people shoo off guns. Well that scared the crap out of me cuz i didnt expect it, and i got laughed at. Like 10 minutes later Ferdy's like "Ohhhhhh, i get it! They're Patriots!" So she stole my job. [i was dubbed Captain Obvious on the ride down, and she's Major Pain. Haha. Dad's so witty. xD]

She wanted to see Tom Brady, so we're watching the guys on the field looking for #12. We found. #69 instead. -insert immature jokes here.- Turns out his name is Wright. So dad's like "Hey, it's Mr. Right! Haha!" And in unison we're like "Mr. Right is 69!" Christ. And we spotted a giant lava lamp and fucking gigantic gross moths EW.

Ahhh i forget the funny stuff from teh ride home cuz im still super tired. BUt man that day was awesome.

Awesome after 6, anyway. Work sucked yesterday. it was Thursday, which means people get their paychecks. it was the first of the month, which means people get social security checks and whatever, and people are always weird on the first of the month. Fucking Danny worked 10-3, which never happens, and for good reason. All he did was yell at me and blame me ofr anything andf everything that went wrong. Ugh. Then Adrina came in, which made things better. i don't understand why, but every Thursday something goes wrong with the lottery and i can't get it to balance. Renee tried to balance it for me but she accidently cleared the calculator and had to start over. i HATE leaving if there's something wrong cuz i dont' want to get blamed for it. Fucking Phyllis. if she didnt insist on working there there wouldn't be any problems. ARGH. And now i get to go in today and work 3 hours with Danny again. Fucking joy.

Oh yay, i can check the schedule before i leave and we can see when we can go see the Exorcism movie.

My fingers hurt. "Satisfaction" is a pain in the ass to play on the guitar. Every song i lsiten to now i hear the guitar more than anything and i'm always like "Wow that would be fun to learn!" and then i'm like "uhhh... yeahright." The guy said he'd teach me "Broken" but now im afriad. Hooboy.

i'm shutting up now. Gota get ready for work and whatnot. i have tomoro off and Sean will be gone most of the day, so hopefully i can get some schoolwork done. Christ, i can't believe school starts in a week. This is depressing. But thank god this is the last year. it's almost over, yay.
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Like hell. Being aggressive will make it easier for me to fucking kill you.

[This entire post is me bitching about work, so no one needs to feel obligated to read and/or comment on it.]

i dont think i've ever seriously thought about quitting stop & shop before now, but quitting would only mean fucking Jandelle wins and i get no more money.

So anyway, my allergies have developed into a cold or something, i think, which makes life suck in general. i've been miserable since monday and of course i had to go into work today, which sucked more. The firsts customer i got wanted to return something form the Quincy store but she didnt have a receipt. Okay. Well it's not in our computer so i can't take it back. But she insists that all Stop & Shops sell the same thing because it's the same company so there's no way it can't be in the computer. Whatever. So she pulls a piece of paper out of her purse and writes my name down. "Well, Caitlin, i'm just going to call your coporate office and tell them you're not cooperating with me, and they'll send me a $25 gift card for my trouble." Fuck you. And she wanted to pay for her other groceries at the desk, including a banana which i couldn't scale. Andrea got the price for me, but i heard "45 cents" instead of "25 cents." Then i get bitched at cuz it's wrong and therefore she should ger her 25 cent banana free [which, by the way, is not our policy]. And threatened again because "You're being very rude to me and that's not good customer service." So apparantly she went to Donna and Regina and bitched to them, and Regina was like "Fine. Would you like me to refund your quarter?" and she did and the bitch wrote Regina's name down and said she was calling corporate again. But she stormed off and left her receipt, so Regina looked up her card number and got her name and i don't know what she did after that. But both she and Donna were like "That lady was a bitch! What did she say to you?" And i couldn't tell if they were mad at me for something or just like "wtf."

And then Mr. Linder kinda yelled at me because he's a fucking idiot. Last week i went in to see if i could give someone money to buy me cigarettes for my mom, and he's too stupid to figure that part out so all week he's been making a big deal out of how it was so illegal and it shouldn't be done and i should'nt've asked him about it "but it's okay cuz i knew they were for you mom anyway." Well what the fuck is the problem?! Let it die before someone overhears you and we all get screwed, mmkay?

Then the day just sucked in general, since it's Thursday and everyone wants to cash their checks. Then i had to call Mr. Linder since some lady wanted to return like, $30 worth of stuff but didn't have a receipt with her for any of it. And some of it had Star Market price tags on it. Didn't all Stars change to Shaws a few years ago? So calls back and says "Okay from now on call Jandelle if you need something" and he's very nice about it. i hang up from him and she's on the other line: "Caitlin? This is Jandelle. Don't you call Mr. Linder if you need customer assisstance help. you call ME. i do all that so don't call Mr. Linder again." Well that's great. in the time it took for you to stand there and bitch you could've come over and seen what i needed. idiot.

Then the day continues to suck. i went on my break an hour late because it took her that long to come down and give Adrina money for her drawer. [i couldn't go and leave Adrina with nothing.] Then she royally fucked up the lottery.

Eric asked me to hang out on the floor to help while he got some breaks done, but i had to go count the lottery. That was 5:20. The lottery was still closed because i left and something was really fucking wrong with it. i kept getting 2 different figures so it was fucked up. it was over either $600 or $1k. i called her over to look at it and it turns out she doesnt know HOW to balance the lottery. Well that's not going to help me much now, is it? So THEN she goes "well you know what, i'm just gona leave this for Danny to double check." Well that would be a good idea if he came in before FOUR PM TOMORROW.

i don't want to sound racist, but she's really your stereotypical black woman. She's got the attitude and everything. [Like the chicks on Jerry Springer who snap their fingers and go "Donchoo talk smack about me, biyatch. You don't kno~owwww me!"] While she was talking her time coming to the desk some lady pushed her way through to the front of the line and started bitching about how she spent $50 at EZ and didnt get her gas coupon cuz the machine was jammed. i told her that if it doesnt print there's nothing we can do but she wanted her coupon. She didnt want to buy gas then so i couldnt call the gas station, and when i gave her one that was on the desk, she didnt want it because it expired Monday and "what if i don't get gas by Monday?" Well i'm sure you've let coupons expire before, it won't kill you. So i'm telling her there's nothing i can do and Jandelle pushes her way through and goes "No no, i'll handle this. Come with me ma'am. " and makes herself look like the good guy and does something i'm sure she wasn't supposed to just to shut the lady up. Then she comes in and stands at my register until i turn and actually acknowledge her presence and she says to me in THE most condescending way "Well... Caitlin... what you were telling her was right, but when you get agressive that's not going to help anything. Next time you just need to be less aggressive and hear them out..." And i'm like WHAT THE FUCK.

Eric tried to count my drawer since Phylis was going on it, but he couldn't figure out how and he was finally like "Y'know what, FUCK IT." i was like "Okay, but if something comes out wrong, call me so i can kill myself before i have to come in tomorrow." i was leaning more toward killing myself so i wouldn't have to deal with it anymore, but i think he heard it as i wanted to kill myself so i wouldnt get in trouble or something cuz he's like "You'd kill yourself over Stop & Shop? No, i'd bring you back to life and then kill you again fro being stupid enough to do that!" which is cute. But oh CHRIST i dont think i can deal with that for 2 more days...

Of course i came home 25 minutes late cuz i didnt want to just leave while there were so many issues with money on MY drawer and such, and i came home homicidal, so Mom was like "Oh why are you late? What's wrong?" and i made the mistake of bitching to her and she told me i should tell Regina or Mr. Linder that either Jandelle has to go or i won't work the desk anymore.

Uh... right.

The woman has no idea how to work anything back there, she's never in the front where she should be, she doesn't know how to work the front end either... what the fuck?! We've been fine without a CSM for the 2 years i've been there, and im sure for longer than that. Why the hell are they cutting hours store wide and then bringing in people we don't need? What kind of sense does that make?! She really needs to change her attitude and learn exactly what it is she's supposed to be doing though. How the fuck can she tell us what to do when she doesn't know how we're supposed to do it in the first place? i'm not fucking new, i know what's supposed to be done. it's just that the lottery NEVER fucking balances for me and people think that because i'm a kid they know more than me so they can argue til they get their way because managers give in to everyone just to please them. What the fucking hell.

There's no way i'm gona be able to work on any kind of homework later. Maybe i'll watch Generator Gawl, or a DVD with real people in it. >>; i need to go to Suncoast and get manga, and hopefully the other 3 GG DVDs. And fuck, i want the Gravi OVA.


Aug. 18th, 2005 07:30 pm
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Yeah so here's an update for ya.

i feel shitty. i've been sick for a few days. my tummy yells at me whenever i eat, so i haven't really been eating. which isn't a bad thing, in theory, but i guess is bad anyway. >>

ihate the ending to FMA. somebody better sub that movie soon. and wathcing the whole series is really the only thing from my lengthy summer to-do list that i finished. which is depressing.

i'm losing interest in gaia, but i dont think i'll ever quit cuz it's fun, and there are so many people i'd probly not get to talk to again if i quit.

i have 150 pages of my psych book to read plus 15 pages on it to write, a bunch of french assignments, and 3 long books to read. in about 3 weeks. my classes suck cuz there's no one in them. i'm going to college in virginia. i have a lot of writing to do for scholarships for essays. fuck life. someone remind me to bitch about new haven later. >.o i dont have the time now.

ferdy's going to ohio in 2 days. i'll have to amuse myself for a week. wtf.

i've become re-obsessed with the french romeo & juliette musical since i found ALL the songs on limewire. i just wish i could get the show itself to dl. ms kerwin said i could borrow her dvd to copy, but that would take forever since i'd have to use my grandfather's computer [why does HE have a dvd burner and we dont?!] to rip it from hers, then burn it to dvd-rs. but it's 2 discs. oi. i dont think i could stay at their house for that long. but the songs are sad. and easily understandable. someone on gaia told me my french was mazaing for not being my first language. yay.

i still want french ygo manga. but it would cost a fortune to buy 1-31, and whatever else is out, and have it shipped from florida or canada or france or something. why the hell does it suck so much here?

work sucks as usual. overbearing gay men who still are only part time after 25 years and think they're the manager do not make for a happy flea or a happy work environment. and what the hell, he calls me flea! what. the hell?!

james & ferdy make work fun though.

i still dont see the point of myspace.

my room is kinda clean-ish. i cleaned out the garage a few weeks ago when we bought the guitar. the next week i cleaned out my entire closet and got rid of so much crap. then i cleaned my room itself, but ti still needs work.

i;m learning to play nirvana's "come as you are" on guitar. i want to learn the rage beat dammit!

christ, man, this is my last year of high school. like, wtf. my childhood is out the window... i'll be 18 in 6 months and 10 days. .-. i've done nothing significant with my life and i'm moving on to a new stage and shit but... it's kinda depressing. i keep saying i cant wait to go to college, and i really cant, but omg. college. when i was little i never thought i'd be this old or going to college or whatever. i was amazed by people who were this old. i remember in like, 7th grade 2 guys from school asked me out in like a week and i was like "hey mom, what would you say if..." and she's like "no, you're not dating until youre 16" and i was like "what the fuck thats so far away!" and im 17 now and couldn't care less about guys... i wish tehre were hot guys around. or girls. i wish i could definitely figure out what my "sexual orientation" is. >> why does life suck so much?

haha, my mom asked me last night if i ever went back to fictionised.net. @.@ no, but ari found me. does that count? *waves to ari <3*

oh christ. i hope i dont have a lot of classes with ariana this year. that would make life suck more. i cant believe freshman year i was like "yeah im totally gona be valedictorian" and now im #3, behind fucking airhead barbie and a pothead. i dont care that im not #1, i really honestly dont whether or not people believe me. it just pisses me off that THEY are the top 2. "oh no, i dont want people to think i'm smart! ewwwww" well then what the fuck, dont act like you know everything!

mmm i still wana work on impaws. maybe ill do that later insterad of reading psych. this weekend im definitely going to finish my psych book and the writing, and probly the tehology book too. then i can read native son and the grapes of wrath each in a week, and ill be all set. my french homework wont take any time at all. oh christ i dont want to go back to school. im really honestly dreading this year and i dont know why. i've never been happy about going back to school after summer vaca but this time i just dont want to go back at all. ugh.

fucking graduation is the same weekend as anime boston. they better have the ceremony somewhere cool instead of the fucking churchor i will be PISSED. to miss anime boston for sitting in a church for a few hours? it's an ugly church, it's small, and while i respect other people's religions and such, i dont believe in a god of any kind and i really dont want something as "important" as graduation in a fucking church. i wanted to be halloween sora too, which would be aweosme and fun to make but argh.

i;ve given up on trying to make my own prom dress. im just going to try to desgin it and find someone who will make it. and lose about40 pounds. ugh god im gross. and i just had this conversation with ferdy. XD

okay, im done bitchign for now. i have to go to s&s to get coffee and dog food and shit that means i;ll have to deal with danny. what the fucking hell. maybe ill do that 2moro beofre i start, and ill get kerri to do it for me instead. so yeah. imma go visit ferdy and get gas and coffee and stuff, then come home and give in and work on impaws.

i need to find kata's LJ...

screw looking decent. im going to s&s in my pajamas. ask me if i give a damn.

why does blog-writing always make me pissy/apathetic?


Jul. 15th, 2005 10:35 am
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mmmyeah. i found Bubba and Ariana on myspace. it magically decided to let me add my school this time. i still want to add James just for the purpose of leaving him comments, but he would probably kill me. Or i'd get stuck on 16 for the rest of my life. FERDYYYYY DONT LET HIM KILL MEEEEEEE! <3

i need a life. Started cleaning my room yesterday. Threw all my little kid books into a box and filled the shelf space with manga. All that's left on my bookshelf now is school books. My manga need more space still though. Uh oh. XD None of the shit i requested from the library has come yet except Eva. Watch it come while i'm in VA and then i'll have to pay gigantic fines. Wtfh. i wonder if this font color will show up? i dont even know what my journal thing looks like. MMm, going to get Harry Potter tonight. Man, i'm not gona get any sleep for a week... Getting the book at midnight, so i'll be up reading it all night. Seeing Willy Wonka tomorrow w/ Ferdy @ 9-something. [Mom made a face at that but that's too damn bad.] Sunday is Gram's party, ugh. Monday i'll have to get up wicked early since we're leaving for fucking Virginia. Then i'll be there for a week in shitty hotels and not sleeping. Christ. And then we might go to the Cape the week after. i don't like beaches, i don't like swimming, i don't like fish. i don't care that i've never been to the Cape. is that a problem?

i can't wait til Fullmetal Alchemist comes out. After i watch that i'm gona dl the rest of it, since that evil spoiler AMV made me want to know what happened! i need to finish Naruto too. Urk. i need coffee. i'm gona go convince my mommy to go get me coffee. Toodles.


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