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[Error: unknown template qotd]I worked at Target for all of two days. Three, if you count the paid training. They never gave me a cashier number, meaning I worked on someone else's while they trained me on a register- and then they left me alone so that when the register locked up I couldn't unlock it. The next day they yelled at me for not having a number and stuck me in some random department for five hours. Peace out, I'm done.

Probably wouldn't have sucked so much if I hadn't spent 2.5 years of my life as a cashier and known that they clearly didn't have their shit together. And if I didn't have another job at the time. Ah, well.
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Sliced bread. It's so awesome that we compare everything else to it, don't we?
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I've finished it. Now what am I supposed to do for the rest of the summer? I do have to watch the three movies, and I suppose I could watch the live-action episodes, but still.

First season is still the best. I may look for it on eBay once I start working again. :3

So yeah. First season is made of win. It was the simplest and the most straightforward. And even the most fun to watch even though I knew what was going to happen. Epic battles, secret identities, talking cats... what's not to love? Almost everyone has seen this part, so it's not worth talking about anymore. If you haven't seen it, go see it now. NOW.

Second season wasn't so bad either. The first half of it, anyway. I like the Doom Tree part. Once Chibiusa showed up though, I wanted to stab something. She's so annoying. Argh. I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't stayed after the second season. Meh.

Third season... I like Haruka and Michiru and the pure heart crystal thing could have been cool, but it wasn't, really. The season seemed to drag. And then the final battle was resolved far too quickly.

Season four is made of fail. Stupid Chibiusa. I was rather fond of the Amazon Trio, but that was about it.

As for season five... 'Star Gentle Uterus'? Really? What the hell kind of attack is that?! )

Major issue with all but the first season is that conflicts seemed to be resolved too quickly. Final battles that are fought in one, maybe one and a half episodes? This is what they spent 40-ish episodes leading up to? Meh.

I may update this later after I've slept. Or I may not.

Go watch Sailor Moon. Nao.

Tsuki ni kawatte oshiokiyo!

(Is it bad that I really want to cosplay Sailor Moon? D:)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Old news is old.

Regardless, Pluto is so still a planet. Sailor Moon makes no sense otherwise! You can't destroy my childhood like that! D:
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So we were talking about Guitar Hero On Tour (the new game for the DS)...

...and this is what I get out of the conversation... )
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So there's this book/series called Twilight/The Twilight Saga that people are flipping out about on Facebook. Or more like they're flipping out about the main character. And of course I had to read it to find out what the big deal was.

Searching 'Snape kills Dumbledore' in Wikipedia automatically redirects to 'Spoiler.' lulz. )

There's also a movie set to come out in December. The kid who played Cedric Diggory in HP is Edward, which makes me sad, because he is not hot. Not even pretty. I don't even like him in what I've seen on the one-minute-long trailer. I may or may not see the movie; any movie based on a book that I've read always gets picked apart when I'm watching it because I hate when they change things. Clearly since this movie is based on a book written in first person, they're going to have to change things to make the story flow smoothly without needing a narrator, but still... I have my reservations. And why couldn't they get someone pretty to play the main character? Seriously. Even if I'm not crushing on Edward like millions of adolescent girls are, eye candy is never a bad thing in film. D:

I reallllly want the next book now. I've ordered it through the Richmond library system but I have to wait for it to get to the local branch. No library in the system has the third one, which sucks and means I'll have to wait til I get home to read it. I thought about buying them all online, but I'll wait until I've at least read all four and decide then whether or not the series is worth buying. I'm about to reread Twilight again for lack of anything else; it's better than three books about culture differences. x_x;

The one thing I really want to know: what does Edward do when Bella's on her period? >)
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Blargh. Home at last. And restless. I need to learn how to take things one step at a time and not try to do everything at once. Especially when trying to do everything at once means I don't do anything. Got home Friday night and hardly any of my shit is unpacked. Only brought home a third of my stuff, but I'm hoping to go through what I did bring home and find things to give away or throw out or otherwise get rid of. Eventually I'm going to run out of things to get rid of since I've gotten in the habit of condensing my stuff every time I come home. That's not a bad thing in any way though. It just sucks this time that I have to unpack my shit only to turn around and head back to Richmond two weeks from yesterday. Not that I'm complaining. I'm getting a 3-credit internship out of this to add to my resume, as well as $1500, a chance to present at a national conference of something or other, and I get to work with French people. I still have no idea what I'm doing on the project, but whatever.

Because of HSURP, I'll be getting my experiential learning requirement (study abroad, internship, or TAing) out of the way for both my majors. That means that while I still want to go to France, the pressure is off. Wheeee. Whee indeed. Now that I think about it, I think that maybe, just maybe going to Japan would have satisfied the requirement as well, but that would have been weird.

Also because of HSURP, I may be picking up a Sociology minor. It's giving me three credits that I now don't have to devote to a full class, meaning I can fit another class in somewhere. All I have to do for the minor is get an override into SOCY 101 this fall, take at least one Socy class in France, and get one of my Psych classes to count toward the minor. (Certain Psych classes can be counted toward a Socy major, so I figure I may as well try. If I can't, then I try to pick up another Socy class in France. We'll see how it goes.)

It's great that I'll be graduating with two degrees and at least one minor, but I have no idea what to do with them. Psych and Socy I could argue will just help me in life or something, but... yeah. My main reason for IR was that I needed something to complement the French. I'm hoping that taking four International-whatecer classes in the fall will help me get interested in it. The Foreign Policy Discussion Group that I was part of this semester was definitely interesting, but I felt totally out of place because I had no knowledge of any of the subjects we talked about. So I know I need to change that. But seriously, I have no idea where I'm going in life. I don't even know if I'm going to use the French degree, let alone the IR degree. All I know is that I want to travel and learn various languages. That won't look too good on a resume, I don't think.

I also think I'm over the Japan thing. I'd love to learn Japanese, but for all practical purposes if I'm going to learn an East Asian language it should be Chinese. Arabic or an Indian or Central Asian language would be even more useful. It would be great to go to Japan, but I have no idea how or when I'd get there. Getting the NSEP would be pretty sweet, but at the moment I have no interest in anything related to government or whatnot and don't know what I would write my essay or anything about. Sure I'd love to have my trip mostly paid for, and to study there for a year, and to be able to walk into some kind of job in the government, but somehow I also think it's just not practical. I don't think all the stuff I wanted to do in junior high and high school was just a phase, just that I'm probably growing up now and have learned to prioritize or something.

Murr. I don't feel like doing anything right now. I started this entry three days ago and my shit still isn't unpacked. It's getting there, but slowly.

I've been thinking about the French class thing, and it kind of amuses me. And I think it really is a compliment. I mean, not that being told I rarely make mistakes isn't a compliment, but thinking about all the papers I've written, most of my errors are just agreements and silly little mistakes. It's weird. I know I'm good at French, to the point that my ego gets inflated whenever I hear someone making mistakes. When I'm writing or reading or speaking and people are listening to me though, my confidence drops. I've even been questioning doing this stupid project because I feel like I won't be able to communicate at all. How the hell I plan to spend a semester in France I have no idea. Ah well. I'll live somehow, right? I do wish that I was on paper somewhere as being a TA for the course (even though I'm not really, just on Blackboard); it would be great to put on my resume. But whatever.

Just ordered my plane tix for HSURP today. $294. Jesus Christ. I could have saved $30 by getting them a few days ago, but I was holding out for a schedule of some kind that would say when we're supposed to be in Richmond. No such thing. So I got owned. I'm really not a fan of the grad student assistant lady, because she doesn't seem to have a clue about anything and really isn't forthcoming with information.

Got Spring Awakening from the library. Short play; only 84 pages. I could probably read it now if I wanted to. I have a semi-long reading list for this summer. I have 3 books I'll need to read for HSURP, but I should have enough time to read at least one or two more. Between Cabell and the Richmond Public Library I should be able to get my hands on something I want. I'm even going to reduce myself to reading some trashy vampire novel, simply to see what everyone on Facebook is raving about. x_x

Eh, I'm bored.
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So I think I write papers like I used to write fanfics. Pieces at a time, to be joined later. Now if only I could take as long with papers as I did with fics. le sigh.

I'm sitting in the nurses' station to see if I can focus better. It's helping a little, but here I am on LJ instead of writing that paper. Whee.

I really love Miss Saigon. Damn, I'd better get a great job when I'm older so that I can afford to go to every freaking show I want to see.

There's another really good off-Broadway show I discovered too. It's called The Last Five Years. Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero from Wicked) and Sherie Rene Scott (the princess who name I forget from Aida) are the main characters. They were both in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but I didn't like that one. Sad. I really like The Last Five Years though. All the songs are soliloquies, and they're both really amazing singers. WHEEE.
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So. I like the music and lyrics of Miss Saigon, and I love that Lea Salonga's in it. But I hate the voices of the two American characters. Yuck.


They remind me of Joey from the Yugioh dub. >>
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D: Shannon and I were talking about Power Rangers earlier, and how awesome it would be if I went to her party as one from the original series. So I was looking on eBay for stuff for the hell of it, and damn. Shit's ridiculously expensive. $41 for the Green Ranger's Dragon Dagger. And $40.99 for the morphers with five coins. It makes me freaking sad.

And now I want to watch the entire Mighty Morphin series again. And maybe Zeo. And possibly the ninja one. I think that was when I stopped watching a lot.
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So Kanye West remixed/redid/resomethinged "Harder Better Faster Stronger."

And I kinda like it.

Ew. What's wrong with me?

(OMG. And the music video? Is like, him in live action in the part from Interstella 5555. o_O)
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>.o There's a guy in my bathroom sawing a hole in the wall. Because there's a giant ass puddle/wet spot thing in the hallway, which means the shower from a floor above me is leaking. (It's not mine, because I didn't have time to shower this morning. >>) But... yeah. So now he's sawing a hole under the sink, presumably to check out what's going on. And... it's awkward.

Really, really awkward.

good thing I don't have to pee. >.o
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I literally just failed my calc test.

I couldn't answer 3 of the 8 questions, meaning the highest grade I can get is a 62.5.

I suppose I can take some consolation in the fact that NO ONE in the class finished, and a bunch of people had to go up and ask him to explain things (which I could hear since I sit in the front, and he was no help whatsoever). Maybe he'll curve it? Hard? Maria said last night that with her teacher, a 45 is a C because of the way he curves. I can only hope mine is similar.

Thing is, I can't get lower than a B. If I get anything less than an A in Physics and my two modules and a B in Orgo, Lab, and Calc, I don't keep my 3.5. WHAT THE FUCK.
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I has a headache.

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Holy crap it is absolutely gorgeous out. It's only 75!! I am so fucking happy... Now if only it would never get any hotter than this for the rest of the year... le sigh.

I have yet to do any homework. Fail. I've been doing PSP things, which are still important, but still. >> And hey, my math test was posted last night at freaking midnight. But it looks relatively easy? Especially since I can use the book/homework/etc. So I may actually do well on it. And it's not due til Wednesday. Freaking sweet. Still going to try to get it done today because it will be one less thing to do later. u.u

But ew. Now I have a Calc test and Orgo quiz on the same day.

Orgo grades have been posted. I got an 80. Wtf? I thought I did well. ;-; It's only 3.35% of the grade, but still. Me sad. Need to study harder for this one. ><

Now to hit the computer lab to print the test and my Political Christianity paper. It's 2pm, so I have 3.5 hours before I have to get ready for PSP. Let's do this.
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My room smells funny. And it's also not cold. I think it's because I shut off the AC earlier when I opened my window. The AC doesn't like being shut off and usually takes forfuckingever to start up again.

My math class was cancelled today. The email was timestamped 8:14 am, but people showed up to class at 10 who had checked their email, myself included. It wasn't in my inbox til I got back from Shafer after 1. So I spent some quality time in the Commons doing nothing. And my test isn't up yet either. Wtf mate? Half a dozen people have sent out emails in the last few hours asking if anyone else has found it on Blackboard. I wish it were up so I could just get it done.

Instead I should probably get working on some of the other homework I have, since it's all freaking due Monday and Tuesday. I hate the way that works out. >>

My loan was finally certified. Now I just have to wait for the payment to be posted. Oh joy.
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I just checked my past entries to see what I had and hadn't talked about, and I can't even remember what I read. About my own life. Wow, I must be really tired. xP

I've decided to double major in Chemistry again. (Actually, that had been my plan all along. Just didn't know what to do instead of Biochemistry, because that has no effect on my life whatsoever.) Now I'm doing Chemical Sciences, which is essentially just a Chem degree.

Had a Physics test Monday. Got a 9/10. Class average was a 5.77. And there are just over 300 people in the class. Which means A LOT of people fucked up to bring it down that far. He says the grades won't be curved... I bet the final grade will though. If not... I think I've got a good handle on this class. Came back from lab yesterday and Jet and I did both the homework for the current chapter as well as the suggested problems. Got 100 on both. Woot.

Orgo quiz, as I said, went well. Think I got 100? He hasn't posted the grades yet, but there were only two that I wasn't sure of, and after discussing it with people I think I got one or both right. Here's hoping. Each quiz works out to 3.35% of the final grade, but Orgo traditionally destroys GPAs, so I need all the help I can get. I think I'm understanding it pretty will. Again it all comes down to the discipline I don't have, because I need to force myself to study and to do the homework and practice problems. Actually, the online homework isn't even factored into the final grade, so I guess it's like extra credit? But even still, I can't just not do it. Because that's labelled "homework" and my brain won't let me not do homework. "Suggested problems" are suggested and therefore not required, ergo I don't do them.

Speaking of suggested problems... Calc test starts tomorrow. "Starts" because he's posting the take home part of it tomorrow. It's due Monday, when we have the in-class part of it. Meant to do a lot of review and such tonight, but wound up doing laundry and decluttering my room/desk/etc instead. Got through problems for the first section, which is a repeat of the last stuff I did in Calc I. So I got it right, minus a few integrals that I hadn't learned before. Woot for solutions manuals. So yeah, I have a lot of work to do this weekend, and that's just for Calc. Other than that I have to do Orgo because we have a quiz on Tuesday (again), and a 100-300 word thing for Political Christianity is due Tuesday, and I have Orgo lab on Monday which is going to be a bitch and a half. It actually sounds relatively easy, but is going to be a lot of work and hey, there's a lab report on it due like, in two weeks? oh boy oh boy.

Got a box of random crap from my uncle on Monday. All gifts from him are usually the kind of thing you can find at the Christmas Tree Shop. Cute, but nothing you'll ever actually -use-. There was also a whole bunch of candy in the box (a lot of which I don't think I like), and a Jelly Belly machine. As in a gumball machine that dispenses jelly beans. But needs actual money. >> Jet said we should use it as a fundraiser for PSP. Which... yeah, at least it will get some use.

I think I've solved a mystery about PSP stuff. If I'm right, Rose was calling a Yahoo group a listserv. I thought she meant listserv as in automated mailing list through VCU or something. Either way it doesn't matter because the alumni group I was just given a link to is hidden anyway and doesn't come up in Yahoo's group search thing. So whatever.

Am sad. The BPD Crime Lab offers internships, but the same fucking residency requirement for officers applies to the internships as well. Meaning you have to have lived within the City of Boston (including all the sketchy not-quite-suburbs) for at least a year prior to applying. This policy went into effect after my parents moved to Medford, so my father was grandfathered in. As for me? Don't think it's going to work. Despite that fact that my father and grandfather are/were officers, as is an uncle my marriage on that side; my mom's brother is a civilian who works for the department, as was my she; and at least one of my great-uncles was a cop. So that's six people I can name who are/have been employed by the Department. I wonder if they can make an exception? It's not like I have a choice where I live.
...Not that I think I can do an internship anyway, but if the residency thing applies to that as well, it may also go toward any kind of work there. Oh well. I'll email them anyway since my father has yet to get me any kind of information whatsoever. I'll email the Medford and State police too. Medford police are useless, but whatever. It's worth a shot.

And it's 12:02. I'm putting away the math homework I barely touched and I'm going to bed. Blargh.
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Well damn. I didn't realize there were only ten questions on that quiz. And I think I got 100? I'm relieved, but super pissed that I spent all day freaking out. >>

And now I have a milk & cookies shake (sweet cream ice cream + oreos + milk) that tastes like microwave popcorn? Kay.

Time to go untangle my curtain.
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So I have come to the conclusion...

...that I am fucked. This Orgo quiz is not going to go well. I understand the concepts and I can do the definitions and stuff, but the application? Forget it. I don't understand how to DRAW resonance structures right. And... argh. Just argh. Not going to work. If Political Christianity weren't a module and almost over, I would skip so I could study. But... no. Augh. The problems in the book seem either too easy or stupidly hard, and I know they're only hard because I'm being stupid.

So this can go one of two ways. It will be a lot easier than I expect because I'm freaking out about it for no reason. OR it can go totally awful like Chem 102 did last semester.

Praying for the former option. We'll find out tonight.
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Not much here. I just ate far too much trail mix, despite the fact that it's super late. And I should be sleeping.

I feel a little better now. Felt like shit when we went to breakfast though. I guess it got better all day because I didn't have time to think about being miserable?

NSCS induction was fail. Can't remember if I said that already. But it was nice being with Jet and Michelle.

Almost bummed that I didn't go to the party tonight, but still also don't care. Am going to try to make an effort to go to more parties and at least be more social. Really wondering what "primordidal booze" wound up being though. There are a bunch of people in the lobby in togas. I think I heard Delta Chi's having a toga party? I wonder if it's one of their rush events.

Speaking of frats- all the other events I stressed about planning? I don't need to have. Bahaha. Still going to have one or two, but am cancelling the retarded ones. Effing win.

I think I'm going to try to drag myself out of bed tomorrow to go to Tropical Smoothie when it opens at 10. Mm, smoothie.

Best news ever: I found the roll of quarters that I thought I'd lost three weeks ago! Win! (And now I get the feeling I mentioned that already, but whatever. It bears repeating!)


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