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Half a page done on my paper. That's 17%. Plus a whole lot more floating around in my head that I just need to make myself write. >< All I want to do is sleep. Which I can't. Unless I actually make myself study Chem early tomorrow night and then go to bed early. Most everyone will be at a party anyway, so I shouldn't have too many distractions.

Speaking of which... >>

edit @ midnight: 1 page down, 2 to go. I think I may possibly be ahead of schedule. >> Except for that whole 5 minute presentation thing. AUGH.

edit @ 1:10 am: 2 pages down. Shall soon be less because I gave up halfway through a paragraph and that needs to be rectified. I figure I can finish the paper by like, 2. Go to bed. Wake up around 8ish and do research for the presentation. I don't know how she expects us to talk about one person for five minutes without getting boring, no matter what that woman's contribution to history is.

Dammit. If I had thought this out better and the schedule weren't so fucked up, I could have looked for a biography on the woman that show "Bones" is based on. At least that would have been somewhat relevant to something (ie, forensics). Eh, whatever.

edit @ 140 am: Well, shit. I just discovered in the directions for the paper that we need to include a whole bunch more crap, and I only have about half a page of room left. For fuck's sake, if she wants so much information in these papers, she needs to make them longer. I can't review a fucking book, summarize someone's life, critique the author's style and message, AND form a "critical response" and "substantiate [my] claims with reference to the text itself, and, where appropriate, to outside or other external sources as well" in THREE FUCKING PAGES.

Pretty sure I'm not getting to bed by 2 now, but we'll see. I seriously wish I could use ctrl+f on this book to find the quotations I need.


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