Mar. 29th, 2007

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Finished my paper around 215 last night. Not entirely happy with it because I'm sure it could be better (and follow directions better) if I had more room to write. :|

I have to leave for class in 50 minutes. I wonder if I can find enough information for my presentation fast enough to go back and lie down for a while?
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ARGH. I'm so frustrated right now. I got like 4 hours of sleep because of this stupid paper, and I didn't even have to turn it in/present today. That means I have til next Tuesday to work on it, which I guess I should be happy about, but I just wanted to get the damn thing out of the way. Skipping math now because I feel like shit; most likely a combination of not eating and not getting enough sleep. Whee.
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Wut? I'm not torrenting movies I should be watching at the French Film Festival. :ninja: Nope, not me.

K srsly. They're only the movies that are at 1130pm anyway. I wanted to see them, but uh... yeah. Not walking or taking a cab back from fucking Carytown at like, 130 at night on a weekend, kthx. Michelle just said she could pick me up, but Iiiii duno. I may take her up on it tomorrow night and leave around 11ish. Whatever.

I told myself I would go to bed at like, 10 tonight. However, I have yet to work on the math homework thing that is due tomorrow (though it'll take 10 minutes tops) OR study Chem. But whatever. I -will- be in bed early enough. I can get 8 hours as long as I'm asleep by 1130. Which means I can go to bed in the next hour, hour and a half and be fine. Woot.
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Far behind schedule now, bah. There's a PSP/Theta Tau mixer toga party tonight that most of my friends went to, and Molly brought up the guys that were driving them, so there were at least 8 or 9 people chilling in the hallway for a while. Which of course meant I was distracted, even though I stayed in my room the entire time. And now I'm almost too tired to study Chem. Which sucks, because I need to. And he usually tells us which examples in the book are like what's on the quizzes, but he didn't this time. damn.
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So I went from studying Chem (because I realized I'm completely lost) to calculating my GPA and whatnot. If by some miracle I get a 90 on both the next exam and the final, get an 82 quiz average (I think I have around an 80 right now), and get an 85 average for clickers questions, I'll wind up with like, an 86ish. Depending on how heavily they curve the course, I could possibly get an A. Possibly. Though it depends on everything else working out. -BUT- if this class is my only B this semester I can get a 3.8 which is not the same as the 4.0 I wanted to keep, but at this rate I'll fucking take what I can get, despite that fact that I could do better under another professor. >


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